Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bio-Oil with brand new look

The world's leading scar and stretch mark product,
Is back with a brand new look....
Has revealed a sleeker,
Contemporary look,
In its latest facelift...

Maintaining its signature white and orange colours,
The packaging now includes some brief information listed,
On  the box to accompany each of Bio-Oil's many uses.
Adopting a fresh, clean, no-nonsense look,
Similar to that of over the counter medications...
The brilliance of its design also manages,
To exude an approachable yet elegant aura..

Bio-Oil is available,
At all leading pharmacies,
And personal care stores nationwide,
In pack sizes of 60ml (RM34.95)
125ml (RM58.25),
And 200ml (RM79.45)

For mor info,
Visit bio-oil.com

Monday, December 4, 2017


Date: 11-15 December 2017
Venue: E2L Sdn Bhd,
            Mercu Mustapha Kamal,
            Damansara Perdana.
Fee: RM80

ChiChi & ChaCha #CCHappyCamp...
For kids 4-8 years old...

Fun-filled activities:
Jr Art,
Science Exploration,
Kids Kitchen,
Music & Dance..

The first 20 person whom register,
Will have a special price offer...

Kindly register your interest...

For more information,

Friday, November 24, 2017

Enchanteur Scent-sational Moments on-the-go

Enchanteur introduces,
New purse-friendly,
Enchanteur Paris Petite Parfum,
Roll opn perfume,
Which is available in discreet 9ml slim packs.
This range embodies the whimsical characters,
Of Parisian girls,
Who are feminine,
And yet bursting with energy and radiance.

Collaborating with French Perfumers,
Enchanteur translations,
The personificaiton to capture,
The essence of these girls,
That adorn the outstanding packaging..

Launched in 4 designer scents,
Fellow ladies will have the choice of,
2 bestseller scents:
Bella Amour (Beautiful Love) & Adore (Adorable)....

And the new,
Stellar fragrances of Cheri (Darling)....

And Jolie (lovely),
That are inspired,
From current floral global trends...

Enchanteur Paris Petite Parfum,
Is priced at RM9.90 in West Malaysia,
And RM10.40 in East Malaysia,
And is available at Watsons, Guardian,
AEON Wellness, Mydin, The Store,
And other supermarkets and minimarkets nationwide.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jonlivia Short Sleeve ActivTee

Jonlivia Activ Series,
With Neoheat Technology,
Which burn body fat 3 times faster,
Than any sportwear that you wear,

With Neo ABS Technology,
It burn more belly fast faster...
With the sophisticated material,
Can achieve the result of..
Getting 7 packs abs dream,
3 times faster...
While doing the normal routine..
Amazing isn't it?

Woman short sleeve ActivTee,
Perfectly fit on body...
Original price RM178.00
And it's selling at RM138.00
Hop over to Jonlivia website 
If you're interested to know more,
Or make your purchase..

What I like about the ActivTee is,
It is super comfortable,
Even if I sweat,
I don't feels the uncomfy sweaty,
Affects my exercise routine at all..
It is super stretchable...
I can move and stretch my body..
Anyway I like!~
It looks super stylish!~
And it's definitely a perfect match,
With my Jonlivia Hotpants..

Monday, October 30, 2017

Neubodi Bra Review

The very first time...
Going into Neubodi's shop...
And the very first time,
Trying out a Neubodi bra...

I'd say it's an amazing experience...
The staffs are very well-trained...
Can you imagine,
Just a single touch on my rib,
And she's able to take a bra,
With perfect size for me,
To try it on...

This is the very first time,
I'm able to find out,
My real size.......
Without any measurement tape!~
Unbelievable, isn't it?
Belief it,
Cause it's real truth...

Just go into any Neubodi shop..
And experience it yourself!~

Straightaway wear that particular bra back...
And I even have a thought of...
I really can throw all my existing bra away already...

Besides bra,
Neubodi have a wide selection and variety of..
Inner wears, too!~

Support Neubodi Bra Drive..

For more info,
Visit http://www.neubodi.com

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Nivea Protect & Care

Having some fun time,
Reviewing Nivea Protect & Care range of products..

Nivea Protect & Care,
Anti-perspirant 150ml
With 48 hour protection,
With the unique scent of Nivea,
It is suitable for all skin types,
With deo protection and antiperspirant care..

It is strong on sweat yet soft on skin...
48 hour effective anti-perspirant protection & gentle Nivea care,
With precious Nivea Creme ingredients and its unique scent,
For soft skin feeling,
Skin tolerance dermatologically approved,
Contains 0% alcohol..
Unique scent of Nivea,
Leaving underarms feeling fresh!~

Nivea Protect and care rool on, 50ml...
With 48 hour protection as well,
Provides day long odour control,
Does not irritate and gently care for delicate underarm..
And  it contains the unique Nivea fragrance...
It combines effective odour protection and gentle care in one deo,
Effectively deodorizing formula,
With the presence of Nivea Cream..

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Enchanteur Perfumed Body Lotion

My smell nice beauty box..
From Enchanteur...
Irresistible soft touch,
All day long....

Always love Enchanteur's products...
As it always keep me smell refreshingly...
And keep my skin moisture...
Throughout the whole day....

Romantic Perfumed Body Lotion..
With 24 hours moist..
Contains of ingredients:
Olive oil, rose water and lily extract...

I really love the flowery smell,
On my skin!~

Alluring purplish bottle....
Smells as nice as Romantic as well...

24 hours moist,
A perfumed body lotion,
That's long lasting...
Keeping my skin hydrated..