Friday, January 29, 2016

FOX Themed Breakout Room

Pananormal activities...
Come to 'Life'

 At Breakout Nu Sentral....

The fans of The X-Files,
And other hit Same Day,
As the U.S. Series as..
First-ever Fox themed Breakout Room...
In South East Asia unveiled...

Ms Penny Tan,
Marketing Director,
FOX International Channels..
With VIPs of the day!~

Media Tour of~~
Code Name: FOX Room

It's really exciting..
To turn ourselves into FBI Agents,
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully!~

Experiencing to Code Name:
FOX Breakout Room...

Player will take on their first convert mission,
As part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR)
Under the orders of Howard Stark,
To investigate an off-limits zone,
Where crucial information is contained,
About extra-terrestrial life...

Catch The X-Files,
On FOX HD (Astro CH724),
Every Monday at 9pm!~

Visitors who want to experience and engage,
With the FOX characters outside the TV screen,
Can do so at the FOX themed breakout Room,
At Nu Sentral from 23 Jan to 23 Feb 2016.

For more information...

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Johan Speaking Academy - Kids Public Speaking

Johan Speaking Academy..
A great place for the kiddos,
To learn how to developed,
Their public speaking skill...

Little Emcee,
From Johan Speaking Academy,
Is able to speak up confidently..

Here's the benefits of Public Speaking...
- Builds self confidence
- Builds self esteem
- Improves verbal communication skills
- Increases vocabulary
- Improves information processing
- Helps children organize their thoughts
- Promotes interpersonal skills
- Increases comprehension
- Gives child a sense of empowerment
- Diction / pronunciation / articulation..

Co-Founder, Miss Cherry Ho,
With the lucky draw winner,
During Kids Public Speaking Expo..

 Kids are creative and expressive...
They have many stories to share..
But yet..
Sometimes fear gets in the way..
When they are in public..
They feels shy...

Public speaking helps them,
Build confidence,
And be a better communicator...

Look at how well...
The students from Johan Speaking Academy..
After attending a short course...

Besides listening to the speakers...
The expo are filled with fun activities...
Special photo booth..
The plants many smiles on the students' faces..
1-2-3 Cheese!~

Collaborate with book launch..
And they are selling it,
With a worthy promotional price....

The kids are exploring...
Interesting 3D cards..

Vote for the best.....
And may the best emerge..
As the top speaker....

Everyone whom completed the courses,
And presented on their public speaking skills on stage,
Walk away with a trophy and a certificate..
For the excellent performances..

Well done!

For your information:
Johan Speaking Academy
Will be having their next intake,
In March...
Either every Saturday or Sunday for 2 hours,
Especially for kids 7-12 years old....
For more information...
Kindly hop over to the link below:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Galaxy Hair Colour @ Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

It's indeed mummy's pleasure,
To be able to have another hair makeover...
At Daisuke Salon De Coiffure....

Comfortable private room...
With sofa,
And also choices of books,
Plus magazines to read up...
Throughout the hair makeover session..

A pinch of hair...
Chosen by Daisuke-San
To be highlighted...

Bleaching in process....

The outcome is truly amazing!~
Wait until you see the photo of the final outcome!~

After bleach....

I'm going to show you...
On how the wonderful colour is being done...
(As if I really know how.. hahahaha)

Trying out the new colour..

Not only the colour is unique...
The smell is extremely sweet...
And truly enjoy by smelling,
The sweetness of the new colour!~
Funny huh?
Went to dye and colour the hair,
But end up talking about the smell as well...
It's really too unique not to be mentioned..

The new colour is unique as well...
Ash grey....
With a little blue-ish...
But some of the the parts,
Turns out to be a little brown-ish...
And can see a little green-ish..
Hiding here and there...
A very special colour indeed....

Ending part of the hair..
Is coloured with pink,
As well as purple....

I love the combination,
Very very much!~

Decided not to cut hair shorter....
Rene just did a little touch up......
For the ending part...
Didn't spot any split ends..
Even after the previous hair colouring session...
Hair is well-maintained..

Styling in process...

Final Magic touch by Daisuke-San...

The final outcome:
It's colourful,
It's soft,
It's beautiful,
It's unique,
It's one-of-a-kind,
It's pretty,
It's wonderful!~

Do you like this current hair colour?
We love it so much!~
My brothers, my daddy and my mummy..
And of course me...
Especially when it's all my favourite colour..
How I wish I could colour my long hair,
Like mummy's....

Sharing a great shot by Daisuke-San:
Mummy with her pretty hairstylist...

Special thanks Daisuke Salon...
For the wonderful hair makeover experience!!!~


For more information,
Kindly visit Daisuke Salon's page:
Or hop over to Daisuke Salon's Facebook page..
Address: C-25-01, 3 Two Square, No. 2, Jalan 19/1,
               46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Phone: 03-7960 0140
Opening hours: Tue - Sat 10am - 8pm
                          Sun         10am - 6pm


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Friday, January 15, 2016

My Doughnut Bun Hair

When I started to go Primary School...
One of the biggest challenge for mummy,
Is to tie a bun on my hair.......

She's been having her long hair,
But believe it or not,
She never ever tie any bun before..

This will be her very first time,
To tie a bun...
And she's gonna do it everyday..
Until I master the 'skill' one day!~

Following school's standard...
Only girls whom dance can keep long hair...
And must tied a bun...
All hair accessories have to be in black colour..

This is what mummy learn from her friend...
First step:
Tie a pony tail....

No problem on this....

Step 2:
Put the doughnut in...

Looks easy!~

Step 3:
Slip all the hair,
In the doughnut..

That's a tough part...
The hair keep on coming on..
Even she use quite a number of clip..
However she comb also..
My baby hair keep on coming out..
Looks untidy..
Anyone have a good solution,
On how to improve this?

And mummy decided to add in one step...
Last and final step...
Wrap and cover it all up!~
With a black netting!~

Done with the hair...
For now...
But many more preparation..
To go to school everyday...

It's been a busy week...
Hope we all are able~~
To get used to the schedule in no time...

Till then!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Toy Bank, A Gift Of Love Community Programme

Toy Bank, A Gift Of Love Community Programme,
Is a very meaningful initiative,
By Cheras LeisureMall...
Incepted since year 1999,
This programme has become an anticipated event,
For shoppers to express their care and concern,
For the underprivileged children...

This Christmas,
It's dreams come true...
For over 400 children,
From 13 children's home and charity houses...

Opening dance,
Right after a special movie screening,
By Golden Screen Cinema:
Legend of a Rabbit: The Martial of Fire..

Dance performance,
By Passion Danz Studio..

 Christmas Carolling...

Gift Presentation Ceremony,
By Ms Eva Hew,
Assistant General Manager,
Marketing & Promotion (Retail)
Property Division,
PPB Group Berhad..

The participating children's home,
And charity houses include:
Shepherd's Centre Foundation,
Trinity Community Children's Home,
Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Dan Kanak-kanak WP,
Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih, Kajang,
Bodhi Homecare Cheras,
San Pedro Orphanage Home,
Rumah Sayangan,
Rumah Kanak-kanak Angels,
Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Cornerstone,
Yayasan Sunbeams Home,
Rainbow Home,
Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera,
And Pusat Majudiri Y for the Deaf.

165 children from the participating children's home,
Are invited to have a memorable Christmas celebration,
At Cheras LeisureMall...
And receive gifts sent,
By anonymous true love,
At the git presentation ceremony,
On the fifth day of Christmas!~

Children are watching,
Dance performances,
While eating the food...

Hoverboard Dance Performance...
It's fantastic!~

The session ends with,
Hoverboard Dancing Workshop...
Where all the kiddos,
Have a chance,
To try on the Hoverboard...

For more information about..
Toy Bank, A Gift Of Love programme,
And upcoming event updates,
Kindly call 03-9132 2386,
Visit the Cheras LeisureMall Facebook Page,
Or email

Monday, December 28, 2015

Scholastic Shopping Stick-O-Rama

Tell me,
Which girl doesn't like shopping?

I'm going to shop...
With Scholastic...
An unique kind of shopping:
Shop in the book!~

My first visit:
To the best clothes shop!~

From clothes, perfume and accessories,
To gadgets, cakes and toys,
There are shops,
Full of exciting goodies,
Awaiting the shopaholics,
Inside the book!~

Let's choose my preference...
And stick it anywhere I like!~
This is gonna be fun, fun, FUN!!!

Another cute fun activity,
Is to spot the mouse,
In every scene!~

Reading is always fun,
With Scholastic,
Don't you agree?

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Scholastic Hello Kitty's Sticker Storybook

Hello Kitty is always my favourite character...
It's really very fun to read together,
With mummy's favourite character + mine favourite, too!~
Scholastic always understands kiddos,
And have wide variety of books,
For all children....

This girlie Hello Kitty book is really fun!~
Written by Rebecca Gomez,
It illustrates and tells me,
What Can We Play Today?

After we read the book,
We really can plan our own play date,
As what's Hello Kitty's father planned!~
Really feels like playing together with Hello Kitty!~
How cool that could be!!!~

Something extra to make me happy:
Colourful stickers,
Lots of colourful stickers!~
Making sure that...
Me and Hello Kitty have a very busy day!~

Total a superbly ideal book,
For Hello Kitty fan,
Like me:
Cre8tone's little princess!~

For more information on Scholastic Books,
Kindly visit Scholastic website,


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