Friday, September 30, 2016

Shampoo Safi Shayla

Safi Shayla Shampoo..
Comes in a flexi packing...

The anti-dandruff shampoo..
Is in innovative packing...
With the size of 480g..
Makes us easy to bring...
Wherever we go...

It's eco-friendly packing,
Which use 65% less plastic,
Than the usual packaging...

The light blue colour shampoo,
Smells very nice...
And it's truly refreshing..
When applied on hair...

Shampoo Safi Shayla,
Selling at RM14.65..

For more information,
Hop over to Safi's facebook..
Or Instagram at Safi@Safimalaysia
Or youtube at

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil To Foam

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil To Foam
All-in-one make up remover and cleansing foam...

Blue: For Normal / Combination skin:
With rosemary extract,
Which is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.
Effective for all skin types

Green: For Dry Skin:
With cucumber extract,
That helps hydrate and refresh skin..
Leving it soft, supple and healthy..

Pink: For dull skin:
With Mulberry extract,
Which is rich in Vitamin C and B3,
That brightens skin and
Reveals a visibly healthier glow..

 3 Simple steps to healthy, clean and radiant skin:

Step 1:
Dispense 2-3 pumps of product,
Onto hands and gently massage onto face,
To remove make up..

Step 2:
Apply a small amount of water,
To activate the transformation,
Of oil-gel to a rich creamy foam..

Step 3:
Massage and rinse off foam,
To wash off all residue,
For fresh, clean and healthy skin..

Retail price: RM44.90
Available at nationwide pharmacies,
Such as Aeon Wellness,
Caring Pharmacy,
Guardian and Watsons...

Check out the video:
Convenient 2-in-1 formula,
Give smart start on cleansing,
Removing daily make up,
Dirt and oil..
Without the need for..
2 seperate products..
Saving time, effort and money,
Without compromising on,
Healthy and radiant skin..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

b.liv deep impact

Special thanks to...
Asia Largest Beauty Review Community:

I get to try out...
A very good quality product...
b.liv deep impact...
Deep pores massage &
Cleansing Emulsion...

It's time to bring out..
Inner beauty out into the world..

This cleanser is white in colour..
Its emulsion delves deep,
To expel imperfections,
To reveal the true beauty of skin,
As it cleanses and massages face,
To porcelain perfection...
It also gently but effectively,
Exfoliates and clarifies skin...
That makes skin shine inside out..

Let's see what benefit,
This magical product,
Can do to our skin:

Cleanse pore gently;
Promote microcirculation,
For a healthy-pores skin..
Velvety smooth touch of skin..
Prevent blemishes and pores blockage...

Feels refresh..
After cleansing...
With b.liv deep impact...

Healthy skin is equal to healthy pores...

This white 'clay' is truly amazing!~
It's only selling at R65.00...

Don't hesitate,
To give it a try..
 I'm sure you'll like it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Clozzette Workshop

Attended Clozette,
Your Fashion Social Network..
#LetsBeMemorable Workshop...

Learnt tips from...
Kersie Koh,
Co-founder & Creative Director,
Will share her insights into building,
A brand wtih key examples,
From her creative direction on Clozette...

Lystra Aranal,
Award-winning writer,
And Clozette's Editor...
She will share her tips..
On how to tell a compelling story,
Whether it be fashion, beauty,
Or lifestyl..

Charis Ow,
Malaysia's Top Beauty Influencer 2015
(Influence Asia Awards)
And Singer-turned-Youtube Star,
Will share her creative journey,
In fashion and beauty,
As well as finding her niche in Youtube..

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wyeth discover the joy of learning

Wyeth Nutrition,
Discover the Joy of Learning...
Discusses the importance of independence,
And encouraging confidence in children...

#LetThemLearn Campaign,
Educates parents...
On the benefits of letting children,
Learn to be more independent...

The bold initiative provides,
A platform for parents,
To embrace independent learning..
And gives children opportunity,
To self-discover...

Welcome and Introduction..
By Daphne Iking....

Welcome note..
By Mohd Zaki Mohd Zin,
Marketing Director,
Wyeth Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Discussion hosted by Ruth Liew,
Child Development Specialist...

Discussion 1:
Painting the big picture,
of over-parenting....

Discussion 2:
How to raise,
And independent child..

Discussion 3:
Cultivating your child's
Multiple Intelligence...

Table talk session.....

Love the quote of
"Teach a man to fish,
And you feed him for a lifetime...

Wyeth Nutrition taking pride,
In developing the 3 areas of Multiple Intelligence:
Body Smart,
Brain Smart,
And People Smart..

For more information on Wyeth Nutrition,
Kindly visit
Or contact customer service 1-800-88-5526
WeChat: WyethNutritionMY

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sumber ayu

Sumber Ayu,
Natural care..
For healthy Feminine Hygiene...
Improved formula,
With extra protection..
And fragrance.....

Sumber Ayu Feminine Hygiene Wash,
With Betel Leaf and Floral extract,
Is a new formulation,
That is gentler..
And gives extra protection..
With more refreshing floral fragrance...

It soothes, refreshes,
And protects intimate area,
To stay comfortable and confident all day long...
This special formulation at pH3.5,
Makes it safe for daily use...

Sumber Ayu Feminine Hygiene Wash,
With Betel Leaf and Gambir Extract...

Pour a little liquid on palm...
And wash intimate area...
Rinse with water until clean...

Sumber Ayu Feminine Hygiene Wash,
With Betel Leaf and Rose extract...

This product is brought to you,
By Wipro Unza,
And it is certified HALAL by JAKIM...

It is sold at RM3.60 (90ml)
And RM5.80 (200ml)

It is available in...
All supermarkets and pharmacy....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Printcious - Precious Gifts From Heart
Precious Gifts from Your heart...

If you're wondering..
What's the best gift...
For your loved ones...
For your friends and family..
Printcious is the right place to shop...

Get your gifts,
Printed with thousands of designs....

Can always find....
Gift ideas for men and women:
You may choose to:
Create your own design
Or shop for ready designs...

Can have some gift ideas..
Browsing through..
Most popular gift ideas,
For example like:
Mugs for lovers,
Cute Cushions,
Customisable magic mugs,
Motivational Puzzles.
Couple T-shirt..
Ceramic tiles for birthdays,
Art Phone Cases,
Or Humor mousepads...

There are so many categories to choose from,
T-shirts, Mugs, Cushions,
Phone cases, Ceramic Tiles, Puzzles,
Mousepads, Mini tees,
Baby rompers, Coaster as well as Canvas...

The best part in Printcious is,
We can actually customized our gift,
Be it t-shirt, or mug or anything you like...

This what makes printcious,
More personalized,
More unique...
More meaningful...

How a person take times,
To design the one and only gift,
For another person..
That's what make the gift,
Really comes from..
The bottom of the sender's heart...

Can add any images,
Or any text aka words..
But remember,
All your images and text,
Must not to exceed the safety lines...

When you're satisfied,
With your own design..
Just clicked done..
And add to cart...

Proceed with the order...
And check out purchase with purchase offer..
With truly very affordable price!

Fill in all your details..
And make payment..
And the gift will be delivered..
All the way to your doorstep...

So easy,
Just with a few clicks,
A personalized gift,
Will be delivered..
To the person you wanted to...

Remember to subscribe,
For newsletter,
To receive more gift ideas,
Exciting offers up to 50% off..
And free gifts!~