Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Shopee Bag

Love to shop online...
Especially during Shopee Flash Sale...
Get lots of discounts..
And having many great deals..
That I'm able to grab super duper nice bag like this...
At very affordable price!!~

Hop over to Shopee Flash Sale Southeast Asia,
And find out how to win some free dress / handbag now!~

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Regen Clinic Activa Serum

Regen Clinic,
A licensed aesthetic & regenerative clinic,
Located on Penang Island...
Which provides medical grade aesthetic treatments,
For men and also women....

Trying out Regen Clinic Activa Serum,
With Hyaluron Hydrator,
Anti-aging, whitening and anti-acneic,

Regen Clinic's Activa Serum,
By DrShin,
In inspired by skinbooster treatments..
It is formulated with pure hyluronic acid,
That provides hydrating function...
Apple stem cell,
For regenerating of skin...
Mandelic acid,
Which helps in anti aging, whitening and anti acne

Like the watery texture of the serum..
So easy to absorb by the skin...

Apply daily on cleaned skin and neck,
Before moisturizers..
And see the magic!~

Regen Clinic (Penang Island)
27D, Jalan Gottlieb,
10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang
Phone: 010-982 1931
Wechat: regen_clinic
Clinic hours: 10am-7pm daily except Sunday

Polident - Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence

No 1 denture care brand in Malaysia,
Aims to empower denture wearers,
With denture care knowledge,
And bring back confidence,
Through its 'Eat, Speak And Smile with Confidence' educational forum..

Opening address by Alycia Tan,
Marketing Manager Oral Care,
GSK Consumer Healthcare..

Learning session by Dr Natasya Ahmad Tarib,
Prosthodontist and Senior Lecturer,
From The Faculty of Dentistry,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

'Living with Dentures'
Sharing Session..

As continuation of
"Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence" initiative,
Throughout July and August,
Polident is giving denture wearers,
The chance to try out Polident products,
With our Polident Money Back Guarantee Programme nationwide.

Find your nearest participating clinic,
By visiting Polident Website,
At http://www.polident.com.my

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Xixili Fashion Show

Xixili Fashion Show...

Xixili Lingerie.....

Comes in lots and lots of designs...
Interesting fashion show!~
From Xixili!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Carrie Junior Odour Buster Kids Hair Shampoo

Kids having sweaty hair and scalp,
After school or playing outdoor?
Carrie Junior Odour Buster Kids Hair Shampoo,
Is the solution to maintain kiddos' hair hygiene...

Love the delightful Perky Peach Fruity Burst,
And pH balanced, mild and gentle for everyday use...

It is available in 2 pack sizes:
Carrie Junior Kids Shampoo Odour Buster 280g pack,
Retails at RM10.10 in West Malaysia,
And RM10.60 in East Malaysia.

carrie Juinor Kids Shampoo Odour Buster 700g pack,
Retails at RM20.70 in West Malaysia,
And RM21.70 in East Malaysia...

Say bye bye to sweaty smelly hair...
Hug our kiddos and smell the fresh scent of Fruity Burst all day long!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mentholatum Lip Pure

Memtholatum Lip Pure,
A lipbalm that your lips will love...
As it is formulated with essential natural ingredients...
To keep moisture on your lips..
Loacked-in all day...

Lip Pure containing only the highest quality of..
Food-grade ingredients..
That have been globally sourced,
Such as:
Beeswax, Royal Jelly and Manuka Oil from honey bees...
Lip pure is formulated with:
Shea Butter and Avocado from America
Almonds from Spain
Macadamia from Australia
Argan Oil from Morocco...

It contains NO Preservative,
NO Fragrance,
No Colourant.

Lip Balm comes in 2 variants:
The Mentholatum Lip Pure Botanical Oil,
With Natural Beeswax....
Argan oil, Macadamia seed oil,
Sweet Almond Oil,
Shea Butter and Avocado Oil..

And Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free,
With Beewax Naturals..
Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey,
Olive Oil, Soy Protein,
Grape Seed Oil...

It is available at leading pharmacies across Malaysia,
At RM18.50

Truly love the way...
Mentholatum take care of my lips...
Healthier, moisturized lips!~

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Professional . Luxury . Affordable...

Rose Secret Hydrating Toner Mist...
Contains 100% pure rose extract essence...
Loving the beautiful rosey aroma...
It can gently remove the lingering traces of face cleanser,
And any trapped dirt, oil and make up...
It soothe and calm skin irritations...
Brighten the skin,
Balancing the skin pH,
And providing thorough hydration...

Fresh Glow Pure Orange Scrub + Mask..
A dual purpose formula,
With pure orange and 100% natural exfoliation..
Preventing blemishes and acne..
Leaving skin glowing and flawless...

For more information,
Visit Glamora website..