Friday, February 27, 2015

Be Stylish With XES Contest

The highlight of the event,
Is a make up & hair do session,
Which is sponsored by..
Sense & Style Beauty Academy!~

Mummy took a photo shoot,
With the make up and hair do,
And automatically participated,
In "Be Stylish with XES" Contest..

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If my mummy wins the most likes,
She's going to giveaway,
10 x RM188 worth of products!~
For 10 lucky fans whom voted for her,
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What are you waiting for?
Vote for my mummy NOW!~

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Disney Transforms Celebrities into Iconic Princesses

It's truly a surprise!
To receive a huge parcel,
At our doorstep...

It's truly a happy surprise!~
When I see what's inside the parcel:
The most beautiful calender I'd ever seen!~

The best part of all is...
It consists of all the princesses I love...

Thank you so much, Disney!!!~

The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia (TWDC SEA)
Has commissioned acclaimed and imaginative photographer,
Michael Chevas from Thailand.....
To transform 9 celebrities,
Across Southeast Asia,
Into Iconic Disney Princesses,
As part of a 2015 Disney Princess Calendar Photo Shoot!
Along with 3 other selected models,
These 12 women will personify Disney's Princess Fairy Tales...

9 Celebrities chosen as personalities,
Who embody positive values,
And serve as good models for children..
From Indonesia: 
Sandra Dewi as 'Cinderella'
From Philipines:
Kim Chiu as 'Mulan'
Sarah Geronimo as 'Rapunzel'
From Thailand:
Best as 'Jasmine'
Gam as 'Maleficent'
Proud as 'Ariel'
WaWa as 'Belle'

What I'm going to emphasis,
In my post are....
The 2 celebrities,
That make me,
As a Malaysian,
To be proud of...

From Malaysia:
Marsha Milan as my top top favourite 'Elsa'
Daiyan Trisha as my all time favourite bed time story's princess: 'Snow White'

Marcha Milan, 
A young woman of many talents,
Rose to stardom in 2005,
When she made it to the finals,
Of Akedemi Fantasia Season 3,
Coming in at 4th place,
And is a renowned singer, 
Actor, musician, composer,
Model and host...
She was recognized 
At Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2006,
As 'Best New Artist"
At AIM 2012, 
She was nominated for "Best Ethnic Song"

Marsha has also proven talented on-screen,
With recent movies, telemovies, dramas and sitcoms,
Including 7UJUH (2013), Juanita (2012),
And Pelangi I Love You (2012)

She has built a strong rapport with Disney Since 2006,
Having provided voice-overs in Bahasa Malaysia Versions,
Of High School Musical 1,2 and 3...

Besides voicing Elsa,
In Bahasa Malaysia Version of Disney's Frozen,
She also sang "Bebaskan" ("Let It Go") in 2013.

I guess that's why....
She's part of Re-Imagined Disney Princess Calendar,
Where she portrays Elsa from Frozen..

Showing my sweetest smile...
Learning that..
True beauty..
Comes from within,
By being kind,
Generous and compassionate!~

Daiyan Trisha,
Is a young, rising singer,
Songwriter and musician..
Who has been performing,
Since age of 16...

 She writes her own songs,
And plays instruments,
Like piano, guitar and ukelele..

Her first solo album 'Jalan' (2011)
Features Society,
A band in which she is also the lead vocalist.

A popular online presences,
With over 10,000 YouTube Subscribers,
And more than 1 millions views,
Daiyan was named a 'Social Media Personality'
In Malaysia Hari Ini
(Alongside blogger Queen, Fatin Liyana)
Her song "Kerana Kau" alone,
Had more than 700,000 views on YouTube..

Daiyan is a favourite,
On local television channels,
With numerous interviews,
And performances on programmes.

She has also acted in Telemovie series Dee,
As the lead character for 13 episodes (2013)
and Misi Ejen Ceria (2014).

Daiyan started working with Disney in 2014,
Where she performed the Bahasa Malaysia Version of,
The Glow - A Disney Princess anthem song,
That encourages children,
To be empowered,
And to believe in themselves...

In 2015,
She's part of the Re-Imagined Disney Princess Calendar,
Where she potrays Snow White....

Based on a rich legacy,
Of exceptional storytelling,
And beloved characters,
The Disney Princesses ,
Each embody unique inspirational qualities,
Such as Kindness, Strength, 
Compassion, Loyalty and Courage..


Little story about Snow White:

After listening to mummy's bedtime story: Snow White...
I have so many questions to ask..
Even I'd already heard the story so many times....

I asked: Why the mirror said Snow White is most beautiful?
I was trying to figure out from mummy,
How come the mirror will know who's the most beautiful..
But the answer I get from mummy is:
Because the magic mirror never sees me...

I'm pretty satisfied with her answer...
And went to meet the real Snow White,
In my dreams.....
With my sweetest smile...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

XES CNY Luncheon 2015

XES Chinese New Year Luncheon 2015...
At XES Premium, Quill City Mall...

Our calligraphy attendance is signed!~

Make up and hair do,

Speech from Sabrina...

Choy San Yeh standing by,
To give us Ang Pow!~

Hair do demonstration,
By Sense & Style Beauty Academy.

Getting some CNY snacks!~

 Love the decoration..
And how they present the food..

XES Lou Sang session!~
Huat ahh!~

Stop writing here now...
I'm gonna try my XES new bags
And XES new shoes for CNY!~

Friday, February 6, 2015

Cameron Waterfall - Lata Iskandar

We passed by this waterfall:
Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar..
Every time on the way up,
As well as on the way down,
To and fro Cameron Highlands...

But each and everytime,
It's either we're fast asleep,
Or it's too dark or late,
To stop by...

We get to explore,
This little waterfall...
As the timing is just perfect,
At the time we're coming down,
From Cameron...

Although we didn't really plan,
To play water here....
But we can't help,
Wetting our legs...
And then have lots of fun,
Splish splashing,
Until our clothes are wet...

For those whom wanna play,
In waterfall area..
Do take precaution on this 'Kepala Air'
As early detection may really save lives!~

It's indeed a fun way,
To end our vacation..
And start our schooling day...
The next day!~


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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big Red Strawberry Farm

Our 2nd visit,
To the very same strawberry farm...
At Cameron Highlands:
Big Red Strawberry Farm...

Many strawberries...
And not every one of it,
Is big and red yet..
Some of it is still green...
And not yet ripe...

Love the view of the green lettuce!
Simply amazing!~

We're attracted to the colourful cactus...

As well as different variety of cactus!~

My di di loves to see the fish fish,
In the little pond at the strawberry farm..

The hibiscus is kind of huge!~
I guess it's related to the weather..
It's cool and the flower loves to bloom!~

We walked along the path,
With different colours of flowers!~

We ate exactly the same food,
As our previous visit...
We're not going to blog about the same thing, again..

Stopover at this beautiful temple,
Before we headed back to our room...

We take our very sweet time,
As we're not rushing to anywhere!~


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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Enchanteur Journey of Love

Is currently organizing a contest:
Journey of Love...

The contest starts on
12 December 2014,
And will be ending on..
1 February 2015~

 Fabulous prizes to be won:
1 x Grand prize:
GoPro Hero 4 Action Camera
50 x Consolation Prizes:
Enchanteur Products

Not forgetting:
Weekly Mystery Gifts:
For the most voted entry....

Starts your Journey of Love,
With Enchanteur,
By just simple 4 steps..

Step 1:
Fill in your personal details

Step 2:
Upload your 6 photos

Tell your Journey of Love with Enchanteur,
In not more than 50 words...

Step 3:
Choose a background theme

Step 4:
Submit & Share your Journey of Love..

I'd submitted mine....
Do view my journey of love,
And vote for me here:

Brought to you.
By Enchanteur,
French Inspired Fragrance,
Unfolds your natural magic!~

Monday, January 19, 2015

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance

I always love pink...
I always wish that,
I could see and feel:
The real sakura......
I always wanted to have,
Fairer skin complexion...

Butterfly Project & Garnier Malaysia..
Somehow amazingly,
Heard my wishes...
And granted my wishes,
By sending me.....
Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gift pack!~

Garnier Sakura White PInkish Radiance Cleansing Foam,
Selling at RM12.90 for 100ml..
It deeply and gently cleanses the skin,
To reveal fresh and pinkish radiant complexion..
It's gentle and suitable for sensitive skin..
It is also dermatological tested,
And carefully designed for Asian skins..

I love the packing...
Especially when it's pink and white in colour...
With almost-look-as-if-it's-real-sakura photos on it!~

Poured a little of the pink foam on my palm...
And make bubbles and wash my face....

The wonderful part is.....
I can 'smell' sakura!~
As-if I'm really surrounded by sakura flowers!~
I'm so in love with the scent!
My face and hands are clean...
So clean until I really can feel,
The freshness on my flesh! 

All set!~
Getting ready to try the next product:

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream...
With SPF21/PA+++
Selling at RM24.90 for 50ml...

Enriched with Sakura Extract,
A gentle but powerful ingredient,
All the way from Japan..
This delicate pinkish cream,
With a blend of Sakura Extracts,
Vitamin B3 and Vitimin CG,
Nourishes skin deeply,
And helps lighten skin tone and dark spots,
Refine skin texture,
And smoothen pores...
It's suitable even for sensitive skin...

The moment I open up the cover...
I can't stop myself but keep on loving,
The aroma of sakura!~
And guess what?!
The day cream is in pink colour, too!~
It's gonna be a pinkish pinky day!~

Without wasting any seconds,
I applied the light pink day cream...
On every inch of my hands....

Oh my!!!~
Look at the transformation!~
Just look at the difference!~

I can swear to you,
There's no photoshop effect involved,
There's no changing in lights in the room...

Please compare the photos,
And see the different!

I rub my eyes disbelievingly:
Immediate white and shinny!~

I don't know about other users,
I don't know about any scientific proof...
But I see with my own eyes:
Skin blooms beautifully,
Like Sakura flower:
Fair, Fresh, Translucent,
With Pinkish glow!!!~~~