Thursday, May 17, 2018

Eubos Shampoo

Eubos Shampoo,
Urea 5%
Dermatological tested...
From 100comments,

It's great shampoo...
Say bye bye to dandruff,
After using it...

Clear texture and smells nice...
Leaving hair so smooth...

It is mild..
And provide cleansing and care,
For dry, itchy scalp..
And hair that requires special attention..

It contains panthenol, lactic acid,
Oligofructose, sea minerals,
And skin related lipds (derived from sunflower)
To protect the skin's natural barrier..
And relieves itching,
Improves luster and compability, too!

UREA has many benefits,
It is extremely hydrating and moisturizing...
And it really helps to bring relief to dry skin..
It is a natural skin moisturizer,
And has outstanding cleansing ability function..
It is powerful hydrating properties,
And skin becomes smoother and more elastic..

Love this product...

Carrie Junior Funtime Wipes

Fun never stop..
With Carrie Junior Funtime Wipes...
With ultra moist,
To refresh and clean...

 Available in 2 delightful fruity variants of..
Cheecky Cheery...

And Smoothie Berries...

The funtime wipes,
Are specially formulated,
With Carrie Junior signature ingredient,
Which is a natural combination of fruit extracts..
Fruito-E is rich in vitamins and nutrients,
To help nourish and moisture skin..
The wipes are alcohol-free, paraben-free,
Formoldehyde-free and are hypoallergenic...
Dematologically tested,
And certified halal...
It is designed to be ultra-moist..
They are mild and gentle,
To be used on sensitive and baby's delicate skin.

Carrie Junior Funtime Wipes,
Are available in convenient and travel handy pack of 30 sheets,
Priced at RM7.30 (WM) / RM7.70 (EM)
Or the large family pack of 80 sheets,
Priced of RM9.00 (WM) / RM9.50 (EM)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fair & Lovely Scholarship 2018 Award Ceremony

Fair & Lovely,
Continues to invest,
In the potential of young women,
To enable them,
To carve their future through education...

Fair & Lovely Ambassador:-
Daiyan Trisha...

Launch of the Fair & Lovely community,
By Unilever Human Resource Director,
Ming Choo...

Congratulatory Remarks By
Fair & Lovely Brand Manager -
Lin Mei Yi

Scholarship Award Ceremony.....

A total of 20,100 applications were received..
Final 40 undergraduates were chosen,
From 7 participating local public universities...
The 40 young women were given RM5,000 each
As funding to assist with necessities,
Such as tuition fees and books,
For their tertiary education.

Their requirements were,
A minimum of 3.0 CGPA,
Apart from being actively involved,
In co-curricular activities!

For further information,
Please log on to:

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Wishes and Blessings - SheNeedsLoveToo

Wishes and Blessings,
A registered NGO that has emerged,
As a unique platform,
For helping the underprivileged..

They are launching a new campaign:
"She Needs Love Too" campaign,
Focusing on the underprivileged older women..

The main purpose is to amplify their voice,
And give them a platform to talk about their stories...

Through this initiative,
They are trying to make women feel loved and special...

For more information,
Hop over to Wishes and Blessings website, facebook or instagram..

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Aiken Antibacterial Wipes

Aiken antibacterial wipes,
Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria,
Effectively while smelling great,
And leaving skin feeling moisturized...

They are both dermatologically tested..
And 100% alcohol-free,
And is safe to use,
By the whole family...

Aiken antibacterial wipes - extra protection..
Formulated with tea tree oil,
That is renowned for..
Its natural purifying and antibacterial benefits,
To enhance protection...
It instantly refreshes and cleanses the skin,
From impurities and excess oil,
Leaving skin feeling ultra-clean, soft,
And refreshingly scented..

Aiken antibacterial wipes - extra moisturising..
Enriched with Aloe Vera,
To moisture and soothe skin,
And yet kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria,
Leaving skin feeling smooth, fresh and moisturised..

The wipes are made of soft textured fabric,
That gently cleanses without any discomfort,
Leaving skin feeling fresh,
With a delightful and pleasant scent..

The new Aiken Antibacterial Wipes,
Is priced at RM6.50 (WM)
RM6.80 (EM) for twin packs of 20 sheets per pack,
Are available at all leading supermarkets,
Hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink

Berry Bright,
Eye Nourishing Drink,
With no added sugar,
Comes with original and Stevia...
It is diabetic friendly...
With natural refreshing fruity taste,
Easy to digest and absorb...

It's whole and complete food eye nutrition,
With New Zealand Blackcurrant Anthocyanins,
Bilberry Anthocyanins,
Marigold Lutein and Zeaxanthin,

With no artificial sweeteners,
No artificial preservative and colouring,
It's high in Vitamin C
And it's 100% vegan...

Each box contains of...
10 sachets of 8g..

Serving suggestion:
1 sachet of Berry Bright Eye nourishing Drink
With 150ml of water,
Before meal...

Stir, Mix well and drink immediately,
To avoid oxidation...

Store in cool dry place,
Avaid from direct sunlight...
Colour, texture, smell and taste,
May vary from batch to batch,
Due to properties of all natural ingredients used...

Blackcurrants are one of the Mother Nature's
Most concentrated sources of anthocyanins,
That can help to protect eyes...

Each sachet provides at least 70mg,
With the potent antioxidant anthocyanins,
From Blackcurrant and Bilberry

Lutein is a predominant macular pigment,
In the retina,
That is able to filter blue light,
And may also protect the eye...

Order here now....
To received 15% off with discount,
On selected Berry Bright Products...
Valid until 15 March 2018
*t&c apply

Sporting Fun with Carrie Junior 'Sukan Ria' Collection

Lots of kiddos,
Are glued to gadgets...

Sports are so important...
As kids naturally love to play,
And they should be encouraged to be active...

Carrie Junior designed 6 cute toy figurines,
Called 'Sukan Ria'
To help children,
To develop their imaginative minds...

As Carrie Junior defines the fun of bath time,
It also encourages children to learn,
To embrace the positive value of social interaction..
As they play the toys,
In creative and imaginative ways...

A total of 6 toy figurines:
The elephant that loves football,
The fastest tortoise on the running tracks,
The toughest bear,
The skilful raccoon in hockey,
The agile monkey that returns every shoot,
And a sports trophy,
Will each be randomly packed,
In every 700ml Carrie Junior Product..

The new toy collectibles will be hidden,
In a 'secret chamber'
Which will house the mystery collectible toy figurine...

The excitement of unravelling the mystery toy,
Would encourage kids to explore...

Time for board game,
After our fun bath time....