Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 4 Month

Happy 4th month...

Wai por said,
Mummy need to wear bib for me,
Then hang the bib on the wall...

This is something new, too!~
The little bell rings,
Everytime I make little movement!


  1. MIL also hang the bib on the wall. The higher the better. Said, this will not make baby got too much of saliva???

  2. why ah to hang the bib on the wall?

  3. Happy 4th mth :)..I din noe the tales about hanging bib on the wall...maybe i should try..my boy turning 2 this June, saliva still flowing like waterfall... :P

  4. Happy 4 months old! Eh? What is this hang the bib on the wall about?

    Nice ankle bracelet! Always wanted to get one for Hao but I think he's too old for it now. :D

  5. mNhL, I don't know it's the higher the better.. I just hang on the place I can hang.. haha!~

    smallkucing, cheeyee, so that the saliva won't keep on come out from the mouth nonstop wor...

    AlohaMolly, I'm just thinking no harm trying and follow.. So, I just do it lor..

  6. Happy 4 months old!
    Hanging bib on the wall appear to be something new to me, normally for Hokkien we have the baby tastes a chicken drumstick instead in terms of minimize her saliva.

    Have a nice day!

  7. Happy 4 mths old to lil princess! Oh, nvr heard abt hanging bib can reduce salivating.

  8. Alice, TQ! On the 4th month also? Can taste chicken so early?

    Slavemom, Thanks... I did it for my son, too! He doesn't much salivating...

  9. It is good to let Vynn has the anklet on her leg. At least mommy could track or knows what she is doing...

  10. Joanne, yup, but last time I didn't put for Sean, his skin too sensitive..