Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Cutie Romper

Mummy likes to wear rompers for me,
My kor kor likes to wear rompers,
I likes rompers, too!~

It's easy to wear,
It's one piece,
And most importantly,
It's comfortable!~

My new cutie romper!~
Mummy can't stop buying cute clothes for me!~
Simply irresistible...


  1. Of coz ler.. so small so cute. Sure kenot buy enough of it :D

  2. hahaha... very catchy quote on your romper, princess! Auntie loves it! Have a nice day!

  3. smallkucing, yup.. comfy!~

    Merryn, ya lor. can't stop... Help! ha!

    Alice, I like the wordings.. hahahaha~

  4. Hehe I like the wordings of the romper. Make the mommy feel so proud. :)

  5. Oh yes...i like to dress up my baby in romper too when they are a few months old.

  6. i love my Baby J on rompers too ... so i can bite the big tight ... hahahha ... i also get some from the net ...
    anyway ... here's also wishing you an advance HAPPY MOTHER's DAY.