Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My favourite toy

This is my recent favourite toy!
Given by mummy's gynae,
Before I was born...

I like to kick it,
I can hear nice sound...

I like to hold it,
And turn it around...

I like to open and see the 'mirror',
And see the reflection of me!~

Such a fun toy!


  1. I donate all my kids toys once they don't play with them anymore. I wish I saved some for keepsakes. I was about to ask if that toy you displayed makes sound, but in reading it again, I see it does.

  2. oh so nice of mummy's gynae. it's a nice toy.. sea horse :)

  3. nice toy. and the gynea is so generous.

  4. A very educative toy... atleast it isn't a hand-me-down from your kor kor! LOL!

    Have a nice day!

  5. Alice, haha~ ya lor.. not hand-me-down for this one... Others mostly used to belong to her kor kor...

  6. RoseBelle, it's good to donate when they're not playing anymore...

    Merryn, mNhL, yup.. nice one..

  7. Children just love toys with sound, don't they?