Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Irenelim Fashion

What?! Free?!
Totally free???
Oh yes.....
Malaysia Online Boutique Irenelim Fashion
Is giving away free dresses for bloggers and website owners...

Love online shopping.....
Can't resist to buy,
While browsing cutie kids' wear webbie.....

Never buy any adults' dresses online.....
A lot of queries let me hold back:
Cannot try one wor...
Surely I won't look as nice as the model in the photo.....
What if after I buy,
I look ugly in it?

Since it's free,
Maybe I can give a try,
No harm, right?
As a starting point,
To buy more dresses online in future......

No buy any dresses for such a long long time......
Can't find any free time to walk and shop around...
Online shopping could be ideal!~

I was wondering,
How to judge the measurement,
While purchasing online???

Let's see how it goes,
For the first online shopping experience for dress!~
With Irenelim Fashion
Totally free?
Sounds unbelievable.....

Unbelievable but true...


  1. Little princess..i bet your mummy will look good in this.

    Ya i know. I have ordered before and their service very fast

  2. unbelievable.. but .. TRUE :D

  3. The purple dress is lovely. Hope your mummy get it from Irene. I want to see your mummy putting on the dress.