Friday, June 11, 2010


The weather is too hot...
I need mummy to on the air-conditioner,
Only I'm able to sleep......

Maybe due to this,
My skin become extra dry...

Applying baby oil and baby cream...
Making my skin back to moisturizing again!~

I love the baby cream smell!~
Mummy even feels her hand's softer than before,
Since she always apply the cream for me!~

And the best part is...
I'll get my massage session,
Every time mummy apply,
The cream or lotion or baby oil for me!~



  1. Oh dear... something wrong with my eyes!!! I saw the baby oil (in half) standing right in the middle of the moisturizer, was that illusion?!!

    It's alway good to maintain baby's skin moisture, afterall skin is the largest organ of the human body.:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh... izzit? I put the baby oil behind the baby cream.. :)

  3. I like the baby oil. You can put some baby oil to princess's hair each time after it is washed. It will make the hair softer. Never try baby cream before.

  4. hi thanks for dropping by my site...appreciate it..though I don get as much chance to blog-hop as much as I wish..thanks once again and hope to make frens with u..cheers!

  5. I like both cream and oil too. And ya..they makes my hand smoother too. haha...

  6. Ya.. I see the same thing as Alice Law.. :P