Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Solid Food

I show symptoms on,
Interested to eat solid......

And daddy bought me this heinz meal...

I started to chew,
I started to swallow...

It taste really yummy!!!

Mummy said she'll start introduce,
More and more food for me......

I enjoy my eating time!~


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  2. Glad that princess love these, my boy Ah Xuan never like this squashy baby food. Bought a few during parenthood exhibition last year, wasted my money.T-T

    Please have a pleasant weekend!

  3. Good good! Eat more and grow faster! Hehehe.

  4. I hardly eat Heinz products. I am only familiar with its baked beans. I like baked beans with sunny side up eggs for breakfast.

  5. That's great. Porridge on the menu next. :)

  6. smallkucing, she loves it...

    hui-wearn, thanks for the recommendation..

    Merryn, oh yeah!~

    Alice, never mind la.. as long as he have a balance diet.. no problem..

    Cheeyee, hopefully...

    Mei Teng, the one my boy loves most is their Alphabet pasta...

    Mummy Gwen, yes.. coming up soon...