Friday, July 16, 2010

Corn Porridge

After blending all the ingredients,
Mummy start cooking my porridge using clay pot...
No more using normal pot or slow cooker now...
Taste yummier with clay pot!

My super top favourite porridge:
Corn Corn porridge!~

Having great appetite recently!
I can eat really a lot!
Yum yum yum!~


  1. Wah... corn is yummylicious... I likey :D

  2. Woo looks very yummy wor....

  3. ur mummy so rajin, use claypot to cook, my mummy ah, standby already the slow cooker...hehe

  4. Wah..use claypot to cook porridge must be really yummy and the smell must be awesome.

  5. Corn corn porridge looks so yummy. Am sure it smells and taste soooo good too!

  6. smallkucing, Merryn, cheeyee, claypot cooks yummier porridge.

    Iyson, sometime lazy also cook with slow cooker..

    Mummy Gwen, yes, taste better..

    Olive, and sweet, too!~

  7. Cooking porridge with claypot, I am sure it is not an easy task.
    I have been using it to cook a normal dish, I found it it sometimes makes my vege or meat stick on the pot easily and later burnt it.