Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Smile Baby

We went to Parenthood Expo in Mid Valley,
And participate in Pa & Ma Cutest Baby Contest...

I'm contestant No. 41...
My very first time on stage!~

Do I have any stage-fear?
Definitely not!~
In fact,
I enjoy myself very much on stage!~
And gave everyone my sweetest smile of all!~

Nope.. I'm not the champion,
Nor 2nd or 3rd prize or consolation prize...
I won myself a special prize:
Best Smile Baby!~

My very first Maclaren!~

I'll stay cheerful always!~
With my best smile :)


  1. congrats, congrats, the prize is maclaren ?? worth wor.. u went on what day? i went on saturday, if know u going, then can sun pin meet u der..hehe

  2. Congratulations to the smiliest baby in our country! Maclaren is cool wor...

  3. Wow congrats! Just smile only, you got such fabulous prizes! :)

  4. Wow Congratz! How come no pic of the best smile bb? :P

  5. Iyson's mummy, Maclaren is only one of the prize... yah, very worth... next time, we meet.. next time.. haha~~

    Olive, thanks... Oh yes! Very cool!

    Mery, tq!

    Chloe, yah!~

    cheeyee, I busy hugging her on stage, and hubby busy take care of my son + snap a few photos, but unable to capture her smile photo at stage, too bad.....

  6. wow, a grand prize! Happy mummy carries happy girl.

  7. Vynn must be poses greatest and cutest smile during the competition.

  8. Mama of 2TAs, so surprise with the prizes! Good one..

    Joanne, she smiles right before coming down from the stage, and the smile wins! Lucky!