Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mom's say

Chinese version is published,
In MaMaBaoBao & MamiBeiB August issue......

Here's the english version:
I have once heard a beautiful saying, “Bonding is a dance between the mother and the child”. I think that totally describes my baby and I when we are enjoying each other’s company. Whether I am feeding, bathing, massaging or just cuddling her, we rely on gentle touches, happy smiles, soft kisses and eye contact to “talk” to each other. The loving bond I feel with my baby is beyond what words can express. It is as magical as a dance.

Bath time with my baby is my favourite. I like to bathe in the tub together with her, but I will have to keep the water shallow and warm. With one hand supporting her, I would use Johnson’s Baby Moisturising Wash to clean her with a soft sponge. This moisturizing baby wash is pure mild and gentle and will maintain my baby’ skin moisture level as it contains baby lotion. It also has No More Tears formula that does not sting my baby’s eyes. I know my little precious trust my strong support and enjoyed my gentle rubbing, because she always giggle while waving her arms up and down, sometimes causing splashes! After cleaning her, I would hold her close to me, while she kicks her legs in the water happily for a little while.

Our little fun does not end there. After bathing, I would dry my baby with a towel and begin our next routine – moisturizing her skin! Using the mild Johnson’s Baby Moisturizing Lotion, I would gently stroke my princess’ chubby limbs. One important thing I learnt is that most babies are born with dry skin and their skin loses moisture easily. So I make sure my baby’s skin is well moisturized after every bath and protected with moisturizer from dryness. It makes our touches gentler and more loving, each time I cuddle her.

*Special thanks to Peggy from J&J


  1. ...and also protected by a mother's love

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