Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Mummy said,
She super love the feelings,
When I want her to hug,
When I want her to kiss.....

Every time I see mummy's busy,
Pass though without giving me a hug,
I'll sure chase after her......

Whatever she's busy with,
She sure step everything aside,
And give me a sweet warm hug........

I'm such a manja baby......


  1. Hehe my daughter and my son, for sure will want me and hb to give them at least a hug, whenever we pick up them from my parents' house. I guess this is what's the children has been looking for after not seeing us for the whole day! And that's the rewards of the parenting journey!

  2. LOL... these are definitely the most treasurable moments, how sweet that your mommy blogged about it!

  3. cheeyee, yah yah...

    Alice, yes yes~ Sweet moment must blog it out.. haha~