Thursday, October 21, 2010

1st Prize!

This is the 1st time,
I won 1st prize!~

My photo,
Together with testimonial,
Written by mummy......
We won Mei Mei Testimonial Contest!
Perfect team!~

Received the prizes from Mei Mei very promptly,
They posted almost immediately after announcing the winners!~
Very effective management!~
Once again,
Thanks to Mei Mei JanBeauty!


  1. Congrats! The photo is soooo nice! She's a very beautiful baby :)

  2. Congratulation! Such a lovely & sweet baby.

  3. gong hei, gong hei, ur princess looks like ang moh lah, so fair and cute too... envy, envy..

  4. Congratulation! You have a beautiful girl~! She is such a cute pie with great smile!

    Have a wonderful weekend!^-^

  5. Congrates! Mei Mei is very beautiful, I like her eyes!

  6. Congratz! She's so beautiful and love her sweet smile. :)

    Btw is the Atopicare Cream really that good? I saw the price on the website is about RM55, quite expensive. But if it is really very effective, I don't mind to try.

  7. Thanks all...

    Cheeyee, the cream suites us well... Dunno if you'll like it or not...