Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fong Lye

This is the 2nd time we eat this Taiwan food...
First time we dine in Mid Valley,
This round,
We dine in Mont Kiara......

Green tea + appetizer...

It looks cheezy,
But it's actually vegetables.....
Cooked with cheese.....

It looks greenish vege.....
But it's actually fried oyster with egg......
Very very big oyster...

Last but not least,
Crispy chicken with carrot mee.......
(This is what my kor kor call this dish as).......
Yummier than KFC.....
Even kor kor who's insist he want to eat KFC,
Forgot about his KFC after eating this crispy chicken!~


  1. Really so good ar......wanted to try the other time we were at Mid Valley but hubby scare of the crowd.

  2. ehmmm...looks yum yum..must try one day !!

  3. Mmmmm.....the Fried Chicken looks so yummy

  4. nice spread of food... Feng Lai is actually my hometown in Xia Men, China!:)

  5. didn't know it's in mid valley! gotta try it one day!

  6. Havent been to it. Heard the food is kind of pricy.

  7. The food looks really good :)

    and yeah...can leave my URL now

  8. mNhL, MV branch always full of ppl during meal time...

    Luciana, go ahead...

    smallkucing, yah, until he forgot KFC.. haha!~

    Alice, oh! I don't know it's place name... pai seh..

    Hui-Wearn, The Garden, to be exact.

    Yee Ling, not always eat, ok la.. haha!~

    Rachel, thanks for informing about the comments problem ya..