Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disney Hollywood Hotel

Hollywood Hotel,
Is really a hotel meant for me...
Why I say so?

I was welcomed by mickey's voice in the lift,
And this cutie little birdie....

I saw mickey and minnie's photos everywhere.....

As usual,
Baby cot provided free of charge,
Upon request...

They're providing bottle sterilizer,
And food warmer, too!~

Pail and stool for my bathing time......
With mickey's body shampoo!~

Welcome gift for kor kor and me.......
The best part is,
Both of us,
Get Disney stickers,
Wherever we meet any kor kor or jie jie in the uniforms......
We love stickers!~
Kor kor got his favourite McQueen and friends,
And I got my minnie, daisy etc.....
Such a lovely stay!~


  1. Very nice hotel and very baby-friendly too. The baby cot is so nice! We stayed in Disneyland Hotel last time. It's like ordinary hotel only... not so many Mickey cartoons inside and also more expensive!

  2. Wow, it's very convenient indeed! I Love the towel made birdie, we can actually improvise this to make craft with our kids!^-^

  3. Chloe, oh ya, Disneyland is more expensive.. That's why I ops for Hollywood...

    Alice, I love it, too! The next day we got towel made rabbit.. very cute as well...

    Smallkcuing, :)