Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dress Up Dollies

My new 'toy'...
It's a book...
Complimentary from Drypers...
Mummy keep it,
Until she thinks I'm able to play.....

Emily and Sophie......
I find it quite tough,
To wear clohes for them....
Requires lots of fingers coordination...
Taking off their clothes are much more easier...

Me: Shy Shy... Shame Shame...
I keep on saying this,
With expression of putting my pointer on my cheek,
When I see the girls wearing just singlet and panties..

Emily and Sophie are very lucky,
They got so many choices of clothes to wear...
From pyjamas to shopping attire,
From beautiful dress to attend ball,
To casual wear to go picnic in the park,
From skating to horse riding,
They got the attire just right for the activity!~

Very fun girlie 'toy'..
Even kor kor wanna play together with me...


  1. So fun. I used to have this type of 'toy'. Hardly see them in the store now.

  2. My girl adores paper dolls too. But she too having problem with her finger coordination. She's a rough girl *shake head*

  3. mNhL, it's a gift from Drypers... I didn't c any in the store, too!

    Yvonne, never mind, practices make perfect!