Monday, May 30, 2011

Guang Ming 23Feb

We only know I won consolation prize,
For Guang Ming newspaper dated 23 Feburary 2011,
After received this letter recently......

Didn't bought the newspaper on that day...
Don't know where to find back old newspaper,
In February though...

Won't be using the winning voucher,
Since we need to pay more than the discount value...
Mummy will framing up this letter,
Since we don't have the chance to see my photo in that newspaper......

Or by any chances?
Any one did keep 23 February Guang Ming?


  1. Sorry...i didnt buy Chinese paper

  2. Yang, don't think got any chance, since the newspaper is few months back..

    Mery, Sunshine baby Contest

    Smallkucing, never mind.. thanks anyway..