Friday, June 17, 2011

Magical Musical Gala Premier

On a beautiful Friday night,
Daddy and mummy was out for dating...
After months,
Or maybe years.....
Of never going out,
Without two bright 'light-bulbs'...

They're heading to.....
Sunway Lagoon for a magical night,
To watch the Magical Musical Gala Premier......

This is their first time,
Entering this amphitheatre.....
Doesn't expect it's so far away,
From the lagoon entrance.......
The organizers are good enough,
To arrange free shuttle service,
To reach the destination.....

If I were there,
I'll be very excited,
For the choo-choo train ride....

Such a wonderful romantic dating experience,
As both of them were welcomed,
With red carpet in the amphitheater entrance.......

All of a sudden,
We feels like we're in US Time Square.....

The stage design is so superb!~~

Of course,
Not forgetting those sponsors,
Who making this musical a success.......

The weather is super duper hot...
They got really huge fans all around the amphitheater,
Too keep all of us cool!~
This is so kewl!~~

If you wonder how's the show......
It's really fantastically magical!~

All the performers are born to be on stage,
Singing evergreen lovely musical songs.....
With wonderful perfect voice,
Accompanying with graceful dance movement...
So perfect!~~

Trying to upload bits of the video I recorded...
But somehow something wrong with blogspot video uploading,
And I'm unable to do so...

If you want to hear all the nice songs from:
Saturday Night Fever,
We Will Rock You,
West Side Story.
Moulin Rouge,
Mama Mia,
Dream girls........

Don't forget to get yourself a ticket,
From 10June-17July2011,
In Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon,

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday @7pm.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday @7pm and 9:30pm...
Hope you enjoy the show, too!


  1. Hehe good for daddy and mommy got some chance to go dating. ^_^

  2. Wah, finally daddy and mummy get to pak-tor again and watched such a magnificent musical :)

  3. cheeyee, hehe!

    Chloe, oh ya.. finally!