Monday, August 8, 2011

Angry Bird

My kor kor's feeling grumpy,
Frankly speaking,
I don't know,
Because of what reason...

I came out with this statement:
My kor kor is an angry bird......

After hearing this........
Everyone burst into laughter,

Mummy's wondering.....
What makes angry bird so famous......
Until 19-month-baby like me,
Also know about angry bird......


  1. Both my kids are fans of angry birds too ! haha

  2. Wah little princess also know angry bird? I know my gal learns from her school, probably her friends. Coz neither me nor my hubby plays angry bird.

  3. Haha she's very funny and cute too :)

  4. Nod Nod, both my kids also big fan of Angry Bird... yet they weren't expose to its game.

    p/s: Congratulation on winning the Fisher-Price's "Rocker Contest"! Please send your mailing add to

  5. mNhL, everyone's into angry birds nowadays...

    cheeyee, ya lor.....

    Chloe, :)

    Alice, Thanks for selecting me as one of the winner.. Happy!~