Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sharing Tips And Experience

3 of mummy's sharing articles,
Was published in Drypers Parents' Circle,
2011: Issue 2.......

It's all about sharing tips and experience......

Can't wait to receive my complimentary diapers,
As well as the mystery gifts.......

Thank you so much, Drypers!~


  1. hey, u should share with us ur winning tips actually...hehehe..congrats, congrats..

  2. Just participate and will stand a chance to win..

  3. ya, ya..i learn long as u participate, u will have a chance, if not, totally chanceless... today in my life, i submitted so many entries for contest...LOL..if can win one, pun consider lucky..

  4. I saw Iyson won 1st price in fisher-price giveaway. Congrats!~

    Wish you luck in the contests you participated..... Maybe you'll be surprise u got the best of luck and won ALL! :)