Monday, October 24, 2011

Fisher-Price Musical Mobile

Special thanks for Little Sprouts & Aunty Alice,
For choosing mummy as the 3rd prize winner.....

You must be wondering,
Do I really play with the new born product?
I love listening to the nice song played by Musical Mobile,
And I really love the soft toys attached, too!~

I just keep and wait......
Until my di di is born next year~~~~~
Playing it together with him....
Will be doubled the joy!~
And this will be his very first new toy!~
Thanks to Mattel's Fisher-Price & GO Communications!~


  1. your mummy is preggy now?? congrats, congrats.... so keep this and play it with ur di di next year ah..

  2. Double congrats to your mummy... for winning this musical mobile and for having another baby! :)

  3. mommy pregnant ke? congrats ya...

  4. Congratulation to you, gonna be Jie Jie soon!^^

  5. Congrates for the winning and the good news, new baby!!