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Tollyjoy - For The Baby You Love

Which is founded in 1971 in Singapore,
With the tagline of 
'For The Baby You Love'
Expresses their commitment,
To setting the high bar in the industry,
With the safety, durability, comfort, style, practicality
And reliability of their products.....
They've achieved the ISO 9001 in 1996....
With the mission of provide only the best for your baby and yourself....

Their products adhere,
To the above test standards!~

That's the main reason,
Why my mummy choose Tollyjoy....
For my brothers and me!~

Tollyjoy provides a range of products,
From baby bedtime, baby gifts,
Mom's needs, baby feed, 
Baby play, baby groom,
Baby Hygiene, to baby wear....
You named it,
They have it!~
Cool right?

I'm going to introduce you...
With Tollyjoy's baby bottles:
Twin PP Bottle Set -240ml (RM14.90) 
Food Contact Grade,
Which conform to the...
USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards of FDA 21 CFR 177.1520

The pink and red coloured bottles belongs to me....
While the green and blue colour bottles belongs to my di di.....

Why we need twin bottle?
Mummy always made our milk in one bottle,
And she filled another with just plain water...
Every time we finish our nen-nen,
She'll let us drink water~~~~~
Water is good,
To keep us from being dehydrated!~

My mummy love it as it's BPA free!~
No worries for her as it's totally safe for us to consume,
Even with hot water in it!~
Tollyjoy is pleased to reassure Malaysian consumers,
That its latest range of infant feeding utensils and milk bottles,
Are made of polyamid (PA) and polypropylene (PP),
Which are BPA-free.

Why I love it?
I love the cute little bears on my bottles....
I always finish my nen-nen,
Until the final last drop.....
Because I love the bottles so much!~

Does my di di love it?
Of course, yes!~
With the cutie bear and lovely zebra on the bottles,
He, too,
Just like me,
Love drinking his nen-nen!~
Until his bottle is empty!~

Mummy said I'm a big big girl now...
And I need to learn how to drink from a cup....
Tollyjoy's Ample Cup (RM7.90),
Which comes with two handles and a lid....
Is just the great choice,
For my training cup!~
It is specially designed to meet baby's drinking needs,
During the transition
Between breastfeeding or bottle feeding,
To drinking from a cup..

In tandem with sharpening baby's spatial skills,
This cup range comes in a larger size,
As compared to the rest of Tollyjoy's training cups,
Enabling me to enjoy practicing drinking from a cup,
Like mummy and daddy for longer!~

I can drink with the cover closed.....
I can even drink it with the straw......
I can also drink it just like an adult's cup!~
Training successful!~

You love my dress?
I personally love it very much!~
My wai por bought it for me ...
During her trip to Australia........
I love the oceanic smell + sometimes floral smells on my red dress....
After mummy did her laundry job on my clothes....
Wondering how my mummy keep my clothes so clean,
+ maintaining the striking lovely red colour?

The answer is just:  
Tollyjoy's Concentrated Baby Laundry Detergent - 1kg (RM13.90)!~

It is specially formulated,
To sanitize and clean baby's clothing articles effectively,
Yet gentle on fabrics and the environment...
It's powerful Triple-Enzyme system,
Ensures that even the most stubborn food stains,
Can be removed easily...
While the anti-bacterial ingredient,
Destroys the germs in clothings and other fabrics,
For a more hygienic wash.
Mummy have been using it,
Since my kor kor is just born!~~~~~~
And never change any brand since then.......

If you're aware of the features,
You'll probably make the same decision as my mum, too!~
1. Antibacteria - Sanitize and clean baby's clothes effectively.
2. Triple-Enzyme System - Contains powerful Protease, Amylase and Lipase enzymes to complete breakdown and removes all food stain types, even without scrubbing!!!
3. Optical Brightener - Enhances whites and brightens pigmented colours of clothings!~
4. Mild pH level - Gentler on hands and fabrics. Extends fabric life!~
5. Low Anionic Activity - Less than 5% of active anionic surfactants to ensure high biodegradability. Environmental friendly.
6. Low Foam Formulation - Provides good detergency and wetting, even at low temperatures. Uses less water for rinse off. Environmental friendly.
7. Suitable for hand and machine wash - top and side-loading models.
8. Suitable for multicolour wash.
9. Phosphate free - Environmentally friendly.

Since Tollyjoy's Baby Laundry Detergent is concentrated,
1 scoop goes a long way!~

This is one of the way,
How mummy save her money and lighten her financial burdens, too!~
- By using Tollyjoy's Concentrated Baby Laundry Detergent!~

Mummy will use Tollyjoy's Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent (RM14.90), too!~
It is Award Winner for Singapore Mother & Baby Awards 2012!~
With its mild and gentle formulation,
It can remove and prevent stains effectively.
Prevents re-deposition of soil/dirt onto fabric,
With brilliant whitening effect.....
Most importantly,
It is also anti-bacterial and phosphorous free!~

Whenever mummy finish with the bottle liquid detergent,
She can always opt for buying the refill packages (RM12.90),
At cheaper price!~

Thanks for being so considerable, Tollyjoy!~

It's not quite easy,
For mummy to travel around with 3 kids...
She loves bringing us travelling around......
My mummy doesn't really look like sih-lai or yellow-faced aunty,
Specially thanks to Tollyjoy, too!~

She never knew bringing a nursery bag,
Could be so stylish,
Until she saw Tollyjoy's Nursery Bag (RM29.90)!!!

The compartment inside the bag,
Is just so convenient for her,
To get her lots-of-stuffs well organized,
Inside just one bag!!!

Highly recommeded:
Tollyjoy's Napkin Liners...
During our new born time....
We pee and poo a lot....
As an environmental friendly-mum,
Mummy always choose to use cloth diaper or napkin.....
One of the main problem she faced is...
The stains on the cloth diaper or napkin,
Especially if caused by the new born poo....
Is extremely hard to clean up!~
Tollyjoy's Napkin Liners is a life-saver for her!~
And it always keep us feeling dry,
Even if our cloth diaper is soaking wet!~
Amazing isn't it?!~

Tollyjoy's baby wipes,
Is a must-have for every family with kids.....

There's a range of wipes to choose from Tollyjoy...
From wet wipes to antibacterial hygiene wipes...

The antibacterial Aloe Vera moisturising wipes,
Is specially formulated with antibacterial ingredients,
Is very gentle yet highly effective against common household germs,
Destroying up to 99.99% of the germs....
The wipes do not contain alcohol,
Making them safe to use even on baby’s skin....
With added emollients,
The hygiene wipes create,
A protective barrier after use,
Thereby assuring a more hygienic environment...

As a responsible jie jie,
I always stay alert and make sure,
My di di's hands are clean ALL the time!

Tollyjoy's baby wipes..
It helps us stay clean anytime, anywhere!~

Being a baby, toddler and kid that travels a lot...
Me and my siblings bring Tollyjoy's Toileteries Travel Pack (RM15.90),
Wherever we go........
It is so convenient and save mummy a lot of her packing time!~

Our best travel companion:
Tollyjoy's Toileteries Travel Pack Consist of:
2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash - 100ml,
Baby Bath - 100ml,,
Baby Powder - 100ml,,
And Baby Lotion - 100ml,!~

2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash is pH neutral,
Provides thorough cleansing of hair and body,
Its mild formulation includes Vitamin E and Vitamin PRO B5,
To provide excellent anti-oxidant protection,
And moisturises the skin thoroughly.....
Leaving us with manageable and shiny hair after using..

The 2-in-1 function makes it,
A highly convenient and great companion,
When travelling with baby or kids,
As well as the whole family!

This is one of our top favourite Tollyjoy product!~

Tollyjoy's Baby Bath,
Perfect for cleansing baby's delicate and sensitive skin,
Its formulation is pH balanced and enriched with Aloe Vera,
Soothes and protects baby’s tender skin against dryness..

Tollyjoy's Baby Powder,
Made from finest grade powder,
That leaves baby clean, dry and smelling good all day...

Tollyjoy's Baby Lotion....
Helps prevent dryness,
And loss of skin moisture....
Leaving a mildly scented, distinct,
And long lasting fragrance.

The best things in life are for sharing.....
I didn't just shared it with my siblings,
But also my parents~~~~~~ 
I know~~ 
This is baby product...
But mummy love how we smell now,
After taking bath with Tollyjoy,
She used it, too!~~~~
It's suitable for our whole family!!!

Mummy and me,
Wearing the same blue shirt,
Having the same nice smell.......
Sweet happy bonding time!~

Thanks Tollyjoy,
For the sweet, nice products,
That assists my mummy's parenting job.....
And always pamper us:
Baby in the house: My didi,
Toddler in the house: Me....
Kid in the house: My kor kor~~~~~~~

For more information on Tollyjoy,
Do visit their website @


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