Thursday, June 27, 2013

Barbie Fashion Design Plates' Winners

I'm really impressed,
With the 42 entries submitted,
By the young Barbie fashion Designers,
And their mummies!~
They're so creative!
With their ideas.......

Our Barbie at home now...
Have more nice nice attire to wear...
Thank you all...
For your lovely entries!

Even the sponsors also found that....
Its close to impossible to choose the winners!
As there are so many great entries!~~
Thanks for all your effort!~

Going through the Entries...
Had a team discussion,
To reach the final decision!!!~~~~~

The 3 winners,
Who'll walk away with....
Barbie Fashion Design Plates........

The first winner:
Fashion Designer Yen Yuan,
With fashionable Barbie preparing,
To go for a catwalk,
For fashion show!~

With the theme of 'Let's Go Green':
The Hat is made by Shredded old magazine with bottle cap...
While the cocktail dress, shoes and hand bag,
Are fully made by Old Reader Digest Magazine....

Instead of recycle,
I'd call this:
It's really amazing that she could convert,
The waste meterials or useless products,
Into new materials or products of better quality, 
Or for better environmental value....
Which is Barbie new attire in this case..
Bravo and congratulations to Yen Yuan!

The second winner:
Fashion Designer Abbie,
With her vege-lover Barbie...

To wear vegetables on Barbie!~
It's a prefect combination,
Cooking toys and Barbie.....
On teaching kids,
To fully utilized their toys at home,
And play creatively!

It's a great way,
To encourage  Barbie-lover who's also picky-eater..
To eat more vegetables!~
Well done, Abbie and mummy!

The third winner:
Fashion Designer Sarah,
With her casual looking Barbie attire...

It's really simple and nice....
Thank you for your commitment!~

Please note that:
The winners announcement,
Are not in particular order...

To all the 3 winners...
You'll be contacted shortly.....
On prize collections!
Hope you'll enjoy your new Barbie set...
As much as we did!!!


  1. Yippeee...congratulations to Alice !!!

  2. Thank you so much to Kylie and Barbies representator of M'sia! God bless u!

  3. Thanks for the sponsor & Kylie...LeeAnne

  4. Wow, so many nice entries! Congrats to the winners. Chloe actually wanted this Barbie set and was eager to join this contest but couldn't come up with any ideas at all...

  5. You're the most welcome, Alice & LeeAnne... Enjoy the new Barbie... This is the only set of Barbie that even my son played!!! Fun!!!

    Smallkucing, :)

    Chloe, conclusion I can get after organizing this giveaway with Mattel is: Just wear ANYTHING on Barbie, Barbie looks beautiful, no matter in what outfit.. hahaha!... I'm very surprised that even handkerchief, scarf, newspaper, unwanted magazines and even aluminium foil can be such a wonderful outfit for Barbie!! Thumbs up for all the contestants!~ So creative!!!