Monday, June 17, 2013

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum

Dermalogica's new product:-
Multivitamin Power Serum....
Which delivers synergistic dual benefits,
To combat aging skin....
A potent, more skin-friendly form of Vitamin A,
And a groundbreaking new formulation process,
Which enhances the effectiveness of the serum....

An expansion of Dermalogica's AGE Smart range,
The new and improved MultiVitamini Power Serum,
Draws its efficacy from a 'hero' ingredient known as,
Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR)
Which is able to intercept the earliest signs of anging..
Including sun-damaged skin...

The potent serum is ideal,
For daytime use,
As a counterpart,
To the AGE Smart Overnight Repair Serum...

Speed Mapping Session....
Very important mapping,
To know more about your own skin type..

Speech by Roderick Chieng,
Chief Executive Officer of..
Esthetics International Group (EIG) Bhd...

Multivitamin Power Serum Presentation,
By Dr Diana Howard,
Vice President of R&D
For Dermalogica & The International Dermal Institute...

Multivitamin Power Serum's doubly-effective formula,
Is a must-have for women,
Who desire to maintain healthy and radiant skin,
Without having to run from the sun!!!~

Get it now at RM338(Peninsular Malaysia),
Or RM348 (East Malaysia)

To learn more about Dermalogica,


  1. i love dermalogica, but expensive neh.

    The CEO also quite leng chai. Married? Hahah

  2. Their products are superb.. Personally love it very much!~

    Erm... I dunno if he's married or not o... Maybe I can check for you if I happens to meet him again.. If la... ahhahahahahahah~