Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get Naked With Dermalogica

Get Naked With Dermalogica...
Kicks off with...
Wonderful singing performance by...
Atilia Haron & Salamiah Hassan!~

Speech from Roderich Chieng,
Chief Executive Officer of Esthetics International Group (EIG) Bhd...

Followed by presentation,
From Jesie Hong,
Group Education Manager......

Chong Tzin Nui,
Seniur Regional Marketing Manager,
For Dermalogica at EIG Bhd...
Unveiling the 10 bestselling 'Naked' Stars!

10 Bestselling 'Naked' Stars!~
You'll be amazed with what the 'Naked' stars done to your skin,
Right after you try it!~
I personally think it's superb!!!

 Interview session,
With 7 local celebrities,
Who 'Got Naked' with Dermalogica!
Thanuja Ananthan, who love Skin Hydrating Masque so much!
Steve Yap, whom favourite is the Special Cleansing Gel....
Joanne Yew, who love MultiVitamin Power Serum as much as she love her fair and youthful-looking skin...

Atilia Haron, felt silky-smooth skin after applying SkinPerfect Primer!
Mila Jirin, found out wonders of Skin Hydrating Booster,
Jentzen Lim, with his natural choice - Ultracalming Cleanser....
Jane Tan, who's concern about dehydration and chosen Skin Smoothing Cream as her favourite!

Group photo....
Top Management of EIG,
With 7 celebrities,
Plus the 10 Naked Stars!~

Dermalogica's 'Naked' Wheels!~
As usual,
They're having speed mapping session, too!

Signing his name,
On the big Dermalogica's poster!

Jane's posing beautifully,
With her sweet poster....

Signing her name,
Showing her fair skin.....

Steve with his poster and signature,
Together with Solar Defense Booster spf50!

Last but not least,
Atilia signing her poster,
Which posing with Multivitamin Thermofoliant,
That polishes her skin and makes her feels amazing!


  1. cool....wish i have great skin like them

  2. wao..all their skin are fair and bright !!

  3. I wanna have skin just as smooth and fair as them !!!


  4. I want to have great skin too :D