Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Spa Party - Pink N' Proper

Spotted Be My Prom Station......
Especially brought to everyone at the spa beauty,
By Pink N' Proper....

Pink N' Proper,
Who's specialized in UK Highstreet clothing brands....
Displaying stylish beautiful clothes,
@ Be My Prom Station...

Who will be Pink N' Proper's
Next Top Model?

12 beautiful models aka bloggers....
Giving their best poses.....
During the fashion show,
@ the spa party!~

You girls really looks superbly pretty....
In Pink N' Proper outfit!~

Arisa Chow...
Pink N' Proper's Next Top Model!!

Look at how she showcase her outfit.......
Really looks like a professional model!~
Congrats Arisa!~

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To view their latest collections of unique outfit!~
And purchase your favourite clothes!~

Special thanks to all the sponsors...
To make the spa party an successful event:
The Butterfly Project
Posh! Nail Spa
Idea Food Solution
The Body Shop Malaysia
Pink N' Proper
Only Beauty
TT Mask Malaysia
Tres Chic - The Party Planner