Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Spa Party - Posh! Nail Spa

Attended The Spa Party,
Besides eating yummy food...
All the butterflies are pampered....
With different spa treatments:
Manicure, Pedicure, Facial / Massage and Mask!
We had our Manicure and pedicure done....

The manicures corner.....
Lots of choices of colours,
To choose from...

The sweet girl,
Who'd done the wonderful manicure....
For mummy!~

 Love the purple colour!~~~~~

 Pedicure corner......

With varieties of colours,
To choose from, too!~

Who gave mummy's foot,
A very comfortable pampering session...
Thank you so much!~

After having scrub,
Really can feel the different...

Lovely colour on mummy's feet....

You know what happen,
After mummy comes back from the spa party,
With beautiful colours on her nails?
She needs to be my personal manicurist and pedicurist...
To colour her little princess's nails......

There's no way....
She can have her pampering session...
Without me having mine!~

P/S: Special thanks to all the collaborators:
The Butterfly Project
Posh! Nail Spa
Idea Food Solution
The Body Shop Malaysia
Pink N' Proper
Only Beauty
TT Mask Malaysia
Tres Chic - The Party Planner


  1. really a good pampering session lo! next one sumore got massage! enjoy life to the max ya!

  2. eh...the first photo reminds me of someone

  3. So good to be part of Butterfly Project.
    nice experience..LeeAnne

  4. Henry, ya lor~ But I can't make it to the massage.. Too bad...

    Small kucing, who's that, Kathy?

    Lee Anne, Join and be part of butterfly la, It's really cool!

  5. Such a pampering session! Love spa parties!

  6. I'm curious, how to be part of the Butterfly Project?

    The message will definitely be relaxing! =)