Tuesday, August 13, 2013

‘Barbie™ & Me Lookalike’ contest

Q: What's your secret of having beautiful hair?
A: I had the best hairstylist of all.....


Do you want to be....
The next most aspiring Barbie Hairstylist,
Just like me?

Here's your chance...
Mattel Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. and cre8tone
Will be giving away 3 sets of..
In conjunction with Mattel recently introduced:
'See What Happens When You Play With Barbie™ ' Campaign
In celebration of the style icon and her role,
In delivering a never-ending array of fantasy-to-career outfits for girls to explore.
When girls play with fashion,
They accessorize their imagination,
And no one has more accessories than 
Barbie™  play 'dress up with Barbie
She will take you anywhere you want to go....

Barbie Color Stylin' Hair doll,
Allows girls to dream and explore,
Their fantasy of becoming...
A professional hairdresser and fashion stylist..

Here's what you need to do to join...
‘Barbie™ & Me Lookalike’ contest..

1) Must be a fan of cre8tone's facebook.
2) Showcase your hair styling talent by dressing up and styling Barbie's hair. If you don't have a Barbie, you can borrow it from your friends or even me!~
3) Dress yourself with matching Barbie™ dress style and hairdo.
4) Snap a photo of you and your Barbie with the most outstanding and similar hairstyle + dress style and email to cre8tone@yahoo.com together with your personal details: Parent's Name, Child's name, email address, Contact Number, Address and Facebook ID.

Submit your entry by 31 August 2013!~
And win yourself a Barbie Color Stylin' Hair doll!~

Contestants will be judge based on creativity, effort and similarity....
I'll be chosing the winners in correspondence,
With Mattel Representative,
And winners will be announced one week after the deadline...

Ready for some cool hair style?
Good luck!~

Please refer to my facebook page here,
To view the beautiful entries...


  1. Hi Ayu, Wait for your lovely photo.. :)

  2. Wait for your entry, LeeAnne..

  3. Wow..pretty cool ehh! Sure girls will love to have it

  4. Great idea.. I better dig out my girl's barbie dolls now... hahahaa... just kidding.. my girl doesnt play with dolls.. hmmm...

  5. What your girl play with? Maybe Hot Wheels?

  6. I used to have a huge collection of Barbie Dolls & my younger bro also collected Ken. It was so sad parting with my Barbie since I gave birth to a son years ago. Those were my treasures :<

  7. I also wish we'll have huge collection of Barbie in future.. hahahah~