Monday, October 7, 2013

Field Trip - Fire Station

After visiting dental clinic,
We had another field trip to....
Fire Station!!!~

Fireman giving mini seminar.....
Explaining how to stay safe,
During fire emergency!~

Life demonstration..
On how to put off the fire..
With fire extinguisher...

I'm super excited,
As my teacher and my mummy,
Get to try to put off the fire.........
With full guidance from fireman, of course...
My teachers and my mum are Superhero!~

For the kids,
We enjoyed spraying the water!~
Really cool!~

What's super duper exciting is...
We get to ride on the real fire engine...
With the siren on!!!!!!!~~~~~

Inside view of the fire truck!~

After going back from the field trip...
I keep on singing Barney's song:-
Here comes the fire truck the people shout horray!~