Friday, October 18, 2013

Innovation That Matters To You with Philips Malaysia

Contributes your ideas,
For healthy homes or safer cities....

Watch the video,
For more information of...
What's Innovation That Matters To You is all about...

I found out this super cool contest,
And immediately,
I linked my login..
To my twitter account....
And submitted my idea....

As easy as a click of button....
I found my entry,
In the Gallery....

You know what does it means?
It means,
There's a possibility of Philips,
Creating a new device,
Based on my idea!~

How cool could that be?
That means:
No one will get sick,
By the new device,
That can kill all the harmful virus + bacteria!~
Towards Healthy Homes!!!~~~~

On top of that,
My idea will not be left unrewarded...
I'm in the running of winning something really great,
From Philips Malaysia........
Any creative ideas in mind?
Don't hesitate to submit yours now!~
Let's win together!!!~

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