Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Passage to Self Hair Confidence with BioThik

Enter BioThik an emerging brand,
With a wide range of hair clinicare products,
And hair growth treatment,
That can help assist you,
In allowing your hair,
To appear and feel at its best....

BioThik is an exclusive brand featuring,
A botanical based hair care range,
That provides and ideal solution,
To those with hair thinning problems...

Their two signature products:
Hair Building Fibre,
And Hair Locking Mist...
Work hand-in-hand...
To instantly add volume to thinning hair,
Reducing the self-consciousness,
That would affect daily lifestyle....
All in a mere 30 secs!

Daniel Yeo,
Sales and Marketing Manager
For BioThik explained in his speech:
According to clinical hair studies,
In the US alone,
35 million men and 25 million women,
Suffer from hair loss.
With BioThik's range of products,
People can begin their hair care process,
At the comfort of their homes....

BioThik Pro-Product Official Launch...

Group photo...
With BioThik Range of products,
Salons Representatives,
And also Models!~

Full product demo..
@ BioThik's Pavilion...
For Folligrowth Technology....

5 profesional equipments,
To perform different function of:-
Scalp analysis,
And FolliOxyjet.....

BioThik's entire range,
Which is based on an exclusive patented formulation,
From the USA,
Can currently be found online,
Or at major professional hair salons here....
For more information about BioThik,
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