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Kinohimitsu Luau Party @ Villa Manja

 Mummy her very first Hawaiian party:-
Kinohimitsu Luau Party,
@ Villa Manja Spa...
With lots of beautiful butterflies!~

Registration counter...
With beautiful neck flowers...
To be given to all butterflies!~
We're all totally in Hawaiian mood!~

Special thanks to the party's sponsor:

Kind of surprise,
They actually have really wide range of products!~

It's kind of relaxing...
Drinking kinohimitsu 'mocktail',
While having neck and shoulder massage,
@Villa Manja Spa!~

Look what I found,
Kinohimitsu nicely decorated as green flower...

And a Kinohimitsu tree!~

Really love the amazing Kinohimitsu Beauty Bar..
So trendy, so blue-ish, so cool!~

Loves the cupcakes, too!
It's so colourful, so beautiful, so sweet and so yummy...

We took so many photos.... photo booth!
It'll be a great memories,
Looking back at the photos we taken,
During the party day......
From caterpillars to butterflies....

What's a party without games?
It's so much fun,
To play games together,
With all pretty butterflies!~

Spokepersons of Kinohimitsu!~
Making a special appearance,
At the party!~

 It's time to spin & win!~

 And walk away with great big prizes!~

Congratulations to mummy's new friend:

Heartiest congratulations to Teacher Yin!~

 Announcing the top 3,
Best dress of the day..

 They looks so pretty, isn't it?

Love the way she dance!~

Last but not least....
Best Instagram Photo Share!~

Thanks Mamasan Tammy,
For everthing!~

See what's she receiving?
A cert for everybody in the party!~
I never knew attending a fun-filled party,
Will be 'granted' and 'recognized' with a certificate!~
Didn't win anything in the party....
But the door gift is great enough!~
Bio-Booster is really amazing!~
Mummy drank it early in the next morning,
With empty stomach.....
Such a refreshing drink,
That helps to replenish good bacteria,
Improve digestion and nutrient absorption,
Improve immnue system,
And clear off harmful bacteria and toxins...
Wanna try some?

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster,
 The first and only symbiotic-organic blend,
That enhances our body,
To absorb nutrients,
By more than 2 times!!
It is power-packed,
With an excllusive blend,
Of high-performance pro-biotics, pre-biotics and vitamins,
That empowers us to obtain the nutrients and benefits,
From t he food and supplement for better and faster results!~

What a wonderful Hawaiian Luau Party!~
What a excellent new product - Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster!~


  1. aww.. i saw myself in your photo! Can I use that photo in my blog? Cause I don't have any photo of myself getting the award. it's a big surprise to me for getting the best dress prize cause many wear nicer than me.

  2. Hi Jean, you may use the photo.. Congratulations again for winning the best dress!


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