Thursday, December 5, 2013

Next Malaysian Hi-5!

5 food groups,
That's what I eat,
5 food groups,
Everyday and every week,
Keeping me strong and healthy every day.............

If your child have been singing and dancing,
5 food groups song.....
Do submit your entry and he/she could be,
One of the lucky five,
To share the stage,
With the award-winning Australian band,
For a live performance,
On 27 December 2013......

Hop over to Dumex Mamil's Give Me 5 app.....
Remember to submit before 8 December 2013!
I'd submitted mine....
Good luck!
Hope to see you there!~

Give me 5!~


  1. wao..good luck.
    I ask Abbie to dance for me, she not willing.

  2. LeeAnne, tq.. She also depends on mood.. Sometimes loves to dance nonstop, sometimes shy shy.. haha!~

    Mr Lonely, 55555!~