Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BioThik - 3 Stage Protocol

An emerging hair clinicare brand,
Driven by passion.

It is a revolutionary brand 
Designed for the new millennium.

Remember the 3 stage protocol?

  • Cleansing and Preventing,
  • Stabilizing and Stimulating
  • Concealing and Maintaining.

The hair and scalp,
Should be kept scrupulously clean 
To maintain a good head appearance. 

Beautiful hair is shiny, 
Has resilience and elasticity. 
It is neither too limp nor too dry. 
In other words it is well balanced, 
Having a smooth finish and a soft touch.

1) Cleansing and Preventing: 
BioTHIK™ Scalp Cleansing Foam I, 
BioTHIK™ Scalp Cleansing Foam II 
Hair Texture Protector

2) Stabilizing and Stimulating: 
BioTHIK™ Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum I, 
BioTHIK™ Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum II 

 3) Concealing and Maintaining: 
BioTHIK™ Hair Building Fiber  
BioTHIK™ Fiber Locking Mist
 Why BioTHIK™ should be your first choice?
  • Botanical based formulation
  • Mild and gentle on scalps,
  • Easy to use, safe and trustable
  • Notieceable results after 1st time usage
  • Non irritant and specially suited for sensitive scalp
  • Helps treat all types of hair: including dry and fragile hair
  • Utilizing the latest advancement in hair biotechnology.
BioThik's Certificate of Participation,
In CosmoBeaute in Vietnam.

BioThik is an active participant of,
Beauty Eurasia in Istanbul, Turkey.

Besides its involvement in hairdressing industry in overseas,
They are also actively involve themselves locally.

BioThik is life member of,
Malaysian Hairdressing Association...

BioThik concerns on,
The importance of healthy hair scalp,
And sincerely believe in...
Creating unique, efficacious haircare products,
Primarily to endeavor scalp and root problems,
Deliver instant and long term dramatic improvement.

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