Thursday, April 24, 2014

BioThik Haircare

BioThik Clinicare,

The Botanical-based haircare,
That gives you healthy and thicker hair,
In just 30 seconds!~

A daily hair care routine,
By using natural botanical-based products,
Is vital in maintaining,
The natural beauty of healthy hair.
A holistic hair care routine,
Consist of:-

3 Stage Protocol:

Stage 1: Cleansing & Preventing - Deep cleanse your congested follicle to prevent hair loss.
Stage 2: Stabilizing & Stimulating - Nutrients for scalp to grow healthy and strong.
Stage 3: Concealing & Maintaining - Adding volume instantly to protect scalp.

BioThik Scalp Cleansing Foam I (RM85.80)

Scientifically formulated,
For sensitive scalp & thinning hair

-It's free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  And Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  That can cause irritation on scalp and clog pores.
-Panax Ginseng Root,
  Help to reduce sensitive scalp.

BioThik Scalp Cleansing Foam II (RM85.80)

Scientifically formulated,
For dandruff and oily scalp...

BioThik Hair Texture Protector (RM74.80)

Specially formulated,
For Conditioning hair,
Without greasy effect.

-Fortified with Marine Collagen + 7 herbs + D Panthenol,
  To enrich hair moisture balance.
-Leaves hair smooth and silky
-Patented formula
-Gentle on scalp,
  And will not cause blockage to the pores.

BioThik Hair Building Fiber (RM118.80)

Scientifically formulated,
To add volume,
To existing hair instantly...

-Made from 0.3mm - 0.5mm keratin protein fiber
-Instant result in 30 seconds
-Easily removed by shampooing
-11 types of colors to match your own hair.

BioThik Scalp Cleansing Foam II (RM52.80)

Scientifically formulated,
For locking and securing fiber in place all day.

- Maintain BioThik Hair Building Fiber application
  to last longer through wind and sweat
- UV Protection

BioThik is suitable for both men and women...
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