Monday, May 5, 2014

BioThik Hair Building Fiber

BioThik Clinicare,
With 30 second
Instant 'Hair Tansplant'...

Key product:
BioThik Hair Building Fiber
Selling at RM118.80

It's available in different colours,
To match your hair~

Colours suitable for Europeans...

 Colours suitable for Asian - Japanese...

11 Colours available,
For mix and match...

  1. Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Medium Brown
  4. Light Brown
  5. Dark Blond
  6. Medium Blond
  7. Light Blond
  8. Wheat Blond
  9. Auburn
  10. Grey
  11. White
Just choose any colour of your choices,
And enjoy the uniquness of BioThik Hair Building Fiber..
  • Not itchy or irritating to scalp
  • Electrostatic charge binds BioThik to hair shaft
  • Specially matched colours
  • Ultra-light fibres, won't weigh down hair shaft
  • Suitable for hair transplant patients during scalp healing process

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