Monday, June 16, 2014

Dove's School of Skindulgence Krabi Graduation Trip

Mummy finished her 21 days pledge,
In Dove's School of Skindulgence.....
Thanks to Butterfly project,
For informing mummy about it!

It's really fun,
To share photos,
Of the 3 pillars...
#EatRight, #StayActive #BetterThanMilk..

After 21 days...
She feels like wanted to post more!~
Going to be Instagram-addicted soon perhaps?!~

I suppose Dove heard her...
As my mummy actually won Grand Prize,
And continue with her 3 pillars during the Krabi Trip...
Along with other winners aka #Krabi11:
Mummy says:
We might or might not know each other before the trip,
But it's really a great pleasure meeting travel-mates,
That share the similar interest in balanced-meal, sports and beauty;
And having the same enthusiasm in photography, blogging and writing....
It's really fun to 'sterilize'  the food,
With so many cameras and phones before we eat!
You girls are the coolest travel-mates I'd ever had.....

Dove hampers mummy won.....
Being students of the week,
At Week 3:
Miss Better Than Milk!

As School of Skindulgence's Honours Students,
Gem-Travel arranged a very thoughtful and nice itinerary,
For all of us to graduate from the school,
With flying colours!~

First stop:
Ya's Krabi Thai Cookery...
To learn how to #EatRight,
And cook lots and lots of Thai's food in Krabi....

Second day:
Having our beauty bath,
In the naturally beautiful Emerald Pool....
This is definitely #BetterThanMilk...

Last day before heading to the airport,
Healing Yoga with experienced instructor, Marina....
I'm able to fully charge all my positive energy,
And continue to #StayActive even after the trip ended!~

Once again,
Thanks to Dove Malaysia for organizing the wonderful contest;
Thanks to Goon from Gem-Travel for planning a great trip for all the winners;
Thanks to Sam from Au Nang Travel and Tour for being such a nice tour guide;
Thanks to Chef Ya for the yummy cooking class;
Thanks to Marina for the positive Yoga session;
Thanks to my wai por and my dad for looking after us when mummy's off to the trip...
Thanks to Elana, Sherry, Swee San, Evelyn, Lulu, Yin Yin, Sabby, Dina, Jennie,
And of course not to forget 11 - Jen's bf
For being such wonderful travel-mates!~

Back to normal rushing daily routine now,
That 3D2N is definitely going to be
Sweet memories in mummy's heart
For a long long time....

More photos @cre8toneInstagram;
More stories @cre8toneFacebook..


  1. it was a brilliant surprise trip! definitely a fun outing of sorts for the girls!

  2. wow.. super fast :D hehe.. good job! :D

    love meet all new friends and friends :D

  3. Missy Missy, yeap. Unforgettable fun trip for us!~

  4. Sherry, need to post while it's still fresh in memory, else, can drag for months.. hahaha~~

  5. really fun trips..

  6. yes.. trying to post.. and find back photos. :D

  7. Lee Anne, it's more than fun.. It's superb!!!

    Sherry, looking forward to read your posts!~