Monday, August 4, 2014

Bora-Bora Dreaming Spa @ Philips Wain

Many months ago...
Mummy won Bora-Bora Dreaming Spa,
At Philips Wain, Starhill....
From Rane's blog: The Beauty Junkie...

Her winning comment....
Now she's going to dream in the spa...
Minus tired shoulder,
No more stiff neck...
Sooth her backache....

Get changed and get ready,
For a relaxing spa...

The changing room is very comfortable...
With every toiletries fully supplied,
Plus lots of lockers...
No need to worry for our belongings at all!~

Waiting area's sofa
Is really relaxing and comfy...

Drinking a cup of ginger tea,
Before the relaxing spa!~

For slimming,
Can take weight measurement before the treatment,
To fully compare the before and after,
To see the immediate result...
Sauna is available, too!
But since mummy comes for Bora-bora Spa,
She skip all these...

Time for dreaming in relaxing spa!~

Thumbs up!!!!!~


  1. Congrats! Lucky to get treated to a luxurious spa...

  2. yes...time for mommy to relax a while

  3. Thanks Elana, indeed very luxury experience.. :) Love it very much!~

    Small Kucing, hopefully you find time to relax, too!~

  4. Do they ask you to sign the package after the trial?

  5. Nope, they didn't... No hard selling on package at all!~ I guess that's the main different when we step inside luxury spa.. :)

  6. Looks so relaxing, i think i really need a massage at the moment, my back is killing me. Great Share :)

  7. Refresh yourself through spa hospitality once a week to elevate your beauty.

  8. A little "Spa Treatment" never hurt anybody. You always scope these amazing experiences

  9. Looks like a very nice relaxing experience.. The ambience is just perfect for a relaxing soak.

  10. Congrats. The place ambiance is just perfect for a soothing spa and cool place to relax your tired body.

  11. Ah! I need one of these places to relax a bit and get de-stressed. :D

  12. Going to spa centers is my weakness, I love to indulge in aromatheraphy, especially with lavender oil, and a relaxing massage.

  13. The ambiance is so relaxing! Nice place to spend weekend.

  14. Mmmm... spa, it's a luxury for many people due to their busy schedule. Spa can help insomnia and to relax the body, hope your mum do feel rejuvenated after her experience!

  15. Just seeing the pictures, I already feel relieved. This is a really ideal spa destination.

  16. Congratulations! It looks so luxurious that I imagine you had the best time there; relaxing and sipping your ginger tea!

  17. What a wonderful day! Everyone should have a spa day once in awhile. Those decanters are really pretty to!

  18. Wow... what a wonderful day. I never been to a spa. Hope I can try this.