Monday, August 25, 2014

Legoland - Lego Kingdoms

The very first place,
A princess wanted to visit,
In Legoland Malaysia..
Would be Lego Kingdom...

It's really a super cool castle.....
Very strongly built,
With lots of lego..

I saw butterflies,
Made of Lego, too!~

Enjoying our time,
In the air-conditioned King's Market...

Oh Ow!~
Where did the prisoner go?

Don't worry,
The Royal Joust is on the way...

Can't find the warrior?
Fred not,
Little princess to the rescue...
I'll chase and catch all the bad guys!~
Galloping in my royal horse!~

Perhaps the prisoner had escape,
And hide behind the door of the beautiful castle?

Or he's hiding in forestmen's hideout?

Prisoner found...
With the assistance of magician!~

Time for a break!~
We need food!!!

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