Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Butterfly Christmas Dinner - BeeUtifly

A very meaningful butterfly gathering...
During this festive seasons..
With Gift exchange~~~~~~
From Secret Santas....

Thanks to the beautiful founder....
Whom take so much effort...
To bring all the butterflies together..

Christmas Dinner won't be complete,
Without turkey,

Our butterfly talented song bird...
I really falling in love with her voice!~

With her partner,
Singing the latest hits:
Let It Go!~
Frozen craze is everywhere!~

Thanks to the sponsors....
For making our night,
Furnished with more gifts from 'Santa'!~

Guess what!!~
Our group - BeeUtifly...
Which means butterfly unites..
Win the best team of the day!~
Keep up the team spirit, pals!~

Merry Xmas and BeeUtifly always!~

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