Monday, December 29, 2014

Butterfly Xmas Beauty Box - Shizens Lips Tattoo

Mummy attended...
Butterfly Project's Christmas Party...
And bring back a beauty box...
- Full of beauty products!~~

Guess she's been such a good girl....
Throughout the year....
Like me.. :p
And she's not in the naughty list...
Then only Santa Butterfly...
Granted her with a box...
Full of beauty products....

We're going to review...
The very first product,
In the beauty box....
Shizen's Lip Tattoo.....

We all heard of body tattoo...
But lips tattoo is totally,
A new term to me,
As well as to my mummy, too!~

Both of us...
Sitting down together,
Extraordinary bonding moment,
As mother and daughter,
Exploring this Shizens Star Product...
The ingredients, the colours, the texture etc

Can't help wondering......
Will this 0.28 fl oz @8ml little thingy....
Really going to put...
A real tattoo on our lips?

The best way to find out..
Is just by open it up,
And give it a try...
Don't you agree?

It looks like an 'ordinary lip gloss' to us..
With white liquid though.......
But little did we know....
This little thingy is going to amazed us.....
As it is not anywhere near to ordinary!~

We're going to show you,
Our amazing discovery:
With Shizens Lip Tattoo -
Something really extraordinary!!!~

Lips before application of Shizens lip tattoo...
The colour and texture looks a bit dull....

Applying it on the lip...
With its 'magic wand'...
And see the magical transformation....

Immediate effect...
The lips looks pinky, shiny, and attractive....

Do you know how long....
Daddy ever notice any difference in mummy...
For their 9 years+ of marriage???
Long enough for mummy to remember, 
I suppose~~~~~~

Surprisingly this time...
Even my daddy noticed!~
And asked mummy....
Why your lips looks so pinkish today?


Some fact about Shizens' Lip Tattoo:

Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture,
To relieve the formation of fine lines...
It helps to darken dark pigmented lip,
And gradually turn them into rosy lones...

Lip Tattoo is made in Korea..
And imported by~
Shizens Cosmetics Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd...

How to use it?
As simple as ABC...
Apply on lips evenly every morning..
May apply lip gloss after meal,
To keep the rosy tones on lips..

Shizens Lip Tattoo (8ml)
Selling at RM168.00 each...

No idea where to buy it?
You may locate it at...

For more information on Shizens,
Do hop over to their website at
Or their facebook page at


After exploring Shizens Lip Tatto together,
Mummy said....
Shizens Lip Tattoo is her Christmas gift...
I guess it's too good,
And she decided to keep it for herself,
Instead of sharing it with me...

She brought me a Christmas lollipop instead....

While eating and licking the sweet lollipop...
I'm applying it as how mummy's applying her lip tattoo...
And said:
Mummy, see!~
I'm applying lolli-lipstick on my lips...

Oh great!~
She got her lips-tattoo,
I also have my lolli-stick...

Everyone is happy this Christmas!~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!~

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  1. what a cute story... really nice pinkish color :D

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  10. Nice post. The pink looks really nice! I tried mine but it turned out to be shocking pink, so am still trying to get use to it.


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