Monday, December 22, 2014

HiShop Beauty Talk Be White 3D Refining Day Cream

Special delivery from HiShop...
With Beauty Talk Be White 3D Refining Day Cream...
- Introducing the modern era,
Of Advance 3D Makeup..
Whitening and Purifying Skincare...

Major Function:
Smoothes fine lines..
Contains Hexapeptides that penetrate deeply into the skin,
Nourish the complexion from deep down..
And effectively smooth fine lines and tighten skins...

Multi-whitening actions...
Contains multiple vitamins:
Vitamin C - fights free radicals,
Inhibits pigmentation and diminishes and lightens dark spots...
Vitamin E - and outstanding anti-oxidant and anti-aging factors;
Fights off UV light, strengthens skin's defenses,
Prevents formation of melanin and dark spots and enhances radiance..

Soothes and Repairs..
Formulated with Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract,
To stabilize sensitive skin
It is capable of soothing inflamed skin..

Enhanced moisturizing effect..
Vitamin E fights lipid oxidation,
Moisturizes and protects skin from UV damage,
Maintaining skin in a soft and hydrated state.
Cholesterols are also used to help build lipid membranes,
And enhance the skin's hydration ability.

Improved 3D complexion...
Natural luminous powders,
Are used to produce pearl-like loose powders..
The exquisite and fine texture of the powder 
Gives skin a natural glow..

Feel the texture:
Pearl-like loose powder...

 Before applying 3D refining Day Cream on my hand...

 Spread it evenly on my skin...

It look fabulously natural...
And make-up free...
With certain level of brightening
Immediately after applying...

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