Monday, March 30, 2015

Atopic Eczema Treatment with Avene

Range of products,
I'm using..
From Avene
For Atopic Eczema Treatment....

Cold Cream is a remarkable product,
Traditional formula,
By Avene...
In the French Pharmaceutical Codex,
Made from Bees wax,
Sweet almond oil and rosewater...
Also known as Galen's cerate,
It offers the full benefit of..
The exceptional nourishing capacity,
And incomparable properties of its cold cream...

When applies as soon as the cold sets in,
The products in the cold cream line nourish,
Soften and protect the skin..
Its protective film,
Is restored and irritation disappears...

Avene Thermal Spring Water,
Is always their start product..
With its unique composition,
To soothes and softens the skin,
And restores skin's natural balance...

It is bottled directly from the source,
Bacteriologically pure!~
And preservative-free...
Cicalfate Repair Cream,
Is used to prevent infection..
And heal the skin better and faster...
It is use from 1-3 days during remission periods,
For optimum results...

The micronised sucralfate,
Enables not only soothing,
But also tissue regeneration..
For us on broken skin, non-oozing eczema,
Stitching, bed sores, skin ulsers and post laser...

It helps to prevents the signs of scarring..
It's suitable for infants, children as well as adults..
It's fragrance and preservative-free...

On day 4 onwards,
Trixera+ Selectiose Emollient is used.
For care and maintenance therapy,
To keep recuring flares under control....

For moderate to intense skin dryness,
It nourishes,
Restores the skin barrier,
Soothes irritation,
And reduces skin hypersensitivity.

It is rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water,
To sooth and soften skin..
Selectiose reduces,
Skin hypersensitivity and irritation..
And controls skin inflammation response...

It helps to prevents moisture loss,
Suitable for infants, children and adults..
And it's fragrance-free, paraben-free..

Sensitive skin,
With reddish spots.
On my back's skin..

That already 100% cured,
After the whole atopic eczema treatment,
With Avene..

Thank you for the amazing product!~

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