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Time to Enjoy Life - Taiwan with Butterfly Malaysia

Has one of the highest,
Butterfly species concentrations,
In the world...
With at least 377 species,
According to Wikipedia...

I'd never ever been to Taiwan...
I'd really wish to go to Taiwan...
And I really love to have my Time for Taiwan...
I think it'd be extra super duper meaningful..
If I could join and win a trip to Taiwan,
By Time for Taiwan TTBKL
And Butterfly Project Malaysia,

As butterfly lovers,
I'm really thrill and happy,
To read about,
The Butterfly Viewing event,
In Purple Butterfly Valley,
As appeared,
In Taiwan - The Heart of Asia's Official Website..

I'd really wish to have,
The kind of experience,
Looking at the magnificent,
World-class scene of,
Beautiful purple butterflies,
Dancing in the air...

Well of course,
I don't really attracted,
ONLY to the butterflies...
As there's so much more,
Beauty to explore,
In this Formosa,
As what the Portuguese called Taiwan...
When they saw,
The verdant beauty of the island..

Each and every time,
I saw my friends,
Whom traveled to Taiwan,
Sharing their Taiwan's food photo,
In their social media..
It really makes me drooling!~
I heard my tummy's 'inner voice'
Requesting me to have,
A taste of Taiwan...
With the variety of Chinese cuisine,
Available in Taiwan...
I'm sure there's a lot of food,
That will perfectly fit my taste bud...

Century Egg with Spring Onion..
With only simple food presentation,
Already sufficient to make me,
Feels extremely hungry,
By just looking at the photo!~

Can you imagine,
If I have the chance,
To fly to Taiwan,
And taste this for real!~

Oh my!~
This really sounds like,
A dream comes true trip!~
For my stomach,
As well as for myself!~

Frankly speaking,
I can't smell the stinky smell,
In the photo..
But my instinct is telling me,
I'm going to love this stinky Tofu,
Which I'll be chewing and biting..
If I have the chance of the lifetime,

But the question is:
Will my wish be granted?

Do you know what girls love the most?
Time for shopping!!!~
From North to South of Taiwan,
There're many large shopping centers,
And chain department stores...
Combining diverse leisure,
And entertainment facilities!~

I really never shop,
In a Dream Mall before...
I bet nobody could resist,
To shop around,
The most beautiful,
And dreamy dream mall,
In Kaohsiung...

I'm 100% sure that,
Even guys will love shopping,
When they step inside this mall,
That only appear,
Just in dreamland - Taiwan!~

Hey!~ Hello!~ Wei!~
STOP dreaming and wake up!~
You think you have the chance to really win?
Just going to choose,
One winner with the partner only!~
Just one winner!~

Could it be me?!~
Could you please pick me?!~
Please please please!~
I really wish I could continue dreaming..
And continue printing my footsteps...
At the old street of Jiufen...

Taipei city is truly an amazing gems,
Waiting for me to explore,
Each and every inch of the wonderful land!~

What's more?!~
I could even have my time spent,
For 2 wheels!~

Let's travel with the LOHAS trend..

What's LOHAS?
LOHAS means Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability!~
Taiwan offers an endless number of ways,
With an Oriental flair,
And a uniquely Taiwanese way,
To stay healthy!~

I love cycling!~
It would be unique kind of travel,
To spend my time,
With some extra exercise!~

When I'm back after the trip,
I won't need to face the kind of trouble,
Of getting rid of my extra fat,
For eating extra,
When I can't resist delicious food in Taiwan..

You are really still dreaming huh?
You think you really stand a chance?
There's so many butterfly bloggers,
Whom can write so well....
And you are still here writing,
Far far away,
From winning a trip to Taiwan...
And you already talking about,
Coming back from the trip...
Really no eye see....
No eye see?
Just yet to close your eyes first...
Take a look at the breathtaking view......
Of Sun Moon Lake at Nantou...

I'll be truly regret,
If I didn't even try~~
To 'fight' for a chance,
I mean 'write' for a chance,
To be the one,
Cycling in the photo,
Cycling with my partner....
At Sun Moon Lake Cycling Route!~

I have to admit..
I already fall in love,
With the scenic nature in Taiwan...

I love visiting farms..
I just discovered that,
Time for Travel TTBKL,
Are actual offering...
Taiwan Leisure Farm Special Tour Package..
When I hop over to their facebook page......

I'm going to get all information I needed,
Regarding on visiting Taiwan,
By just a single click...
So convenient!~

Continue amazed by...
The natural beauty of Taiwan...
In TarokoGorge, Hualien...

The only place,
With such exotically beautiful natural scene...
At PengHu, Taiwan...

The city view is as much beautiful...
As the natural path......

The iconic building of Taiwan..
Taipei 101....
Stands out in the morning sun rise!~

Taipei 101,
Gives a total different city feels,
During the night view...
The lights are just like stars,
Shinning brightly in the sky!~

Don't miss out the chance,
To explore the beauty of Taiwan...
And the Time to Enjoy Life...
In coming soon Taiwan Travel Fair..
Which is happening on 25-29 March 2015...
At Oval, One Utama Shopping Centre....

Do you still want to stay here,
And continue dreaming together with me?

Come on!!
Let's stop dreaming together,
And put our words into action..

Let's go to One Utama Shopping Centre,
Anytime between 25-29 March 2015,
And check out for great Taiwan Travel's deal..

It's time to enjoy life!
It's time to fly to Taiwan!~


  1. sounds like you are entering a contest for this, good luck!
    and in the mean time I have to say yes Taiwan is a beautiful place to visit :)

  2. I'm always regretting not visiting Taiwan when I was living in Korea! I kept meaning to because I heard they have super yummy food and of course, famous for bubble tea! Hopefully in the future I'll go!

    Autumn | It's Autumn's Life

  3. I haven't properly been to Taiwan yet, just had a stop over there at the airport but from what I've seen it makes me want to go back asap!

  4. I have never been to Taiwan. Almost went there for the Neutral Hotel Milk concert, but things didn't pan out. I would definitely want to visit soon.

  5. This really sounds like a dream! :) I would love to go on a trip like this. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Gig Love,
    -Siew Hui,

  6. Seems like Taiwan is a really nice place to go and spend some days exploring. It has a lot to offer. I wish you go one day.

  7. Although I'm not a butterfly lover, I am one with you about your feelings for Taiwan. The same sentiments really. I wish to visit it soon.

  8. I would love to go to this lovely city! So many things do explore and so many things to learn!! =) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh I so love travelling and Taiwan is sure on my list. Thanks for sharing this post it is amazingly insightful.
    - Heena,

  10. I have never been to Taiwan, looks absolutely stunning from the images you have included! Huge fan of butterflies, they are absolutely stunning creatures! Sim x

  11. I've only been to Taipei which to me is a little like Hong Kong. The TarokoGorge and Sun Moon Lake look gorgeous! Good luck in the contest!

  12. Ok, so you are referring to a Taiwan exhibition in Malaysia? I got confused with your words and was wondering if you were at taiwan (with all your photos)!

    1. All photos credits to

  13. taiwan is a place i really want to visit when I'm next in east asia. hopefully soon

  14. if i go in taiwan, i would love to try all their street food and restaurant.
    i really like chinese cuisine. all is delicious <3

  15. I've been to Taiwan several times and always enjoyed the experience since they have a very efficient transportation system. They also have nice heritage sites and parks.

  16. Time to start saving some shekels and planning that wonderful trip to Taiwan. Commit to do it and you will. I love butterflies too.

  17. Taiwan has lots of beautiful places to offer its tourists. The Sun Moon Lake is an ideal place for biking buffs. Taipei 101 is for me the best.

  18. i never go to taiwan but taiwan is always in the list of my vacation. hope that i will visit taiwan asap.

  19. Taiwan is such a wonderful place and I have to agree the foods are great too.

  20. I would love to visit Taiwan one day, it is an ancient country with lots of history and beautiful places to see. I love butterflies, too, they are so graceful and delicate!

  21. I;d love to go, i love butterflies and love the butterfly lover story as well :p x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  22. Nice post. Taiwan is now on wishlist for places to visit

  23. I have watched some movies of Taiwan though I am not really familiar of Taiwan. Butterflies has sentimental value to me too. It seems that the streetfoods and restaurants are worth visitng.

  24. Good luck! Hope you are the luck one to go Taiwan with your loved ones. :)

  25. I want to go to Taiwan so badly!! I've submitted the post and hopefully I'm lucky enough!

  26. With the all the hype going on about the Taiwan, I feel like going to !! I still havent completed the Taiwan post yet ! GigLove

  27. definitely looking to explore taiwan!so many thing to see and try!

  28. I really want to go Taiwan now. Looks amazing and there is loads to do.

    The Life of Leeshastarr

  29. Looks like you were so very inspired by your trip! And if you are indeed joining a contest, good luck!

  30. Thanks for sharing such wonderful facts about Taiwan Dear! I soo wana visit Taiwan for my next Vacation.

    GIG Love

  31. Wish you good luck for the competition! You did a great post on Taiwan! =)

  32. You know, I don't really see Taiwan as a travel destination but from your post, it kind of entices me to go there. Good luck on the competition!

  33. good luck for the contest! i've been to taiwan before, and although i quite like it there, i have to say that i didn't like their food at all and their shopping is actually pretty pricey, due to price hike to satisfy the relentless bargaining from mainland chinese tourists.

  34. My next trip is now confirmed for Taiwan. Really seems amazing place to visit after reading the post.

  35. Such beautiful picture and well write up. I never been there but wish to visit some day.

    GIG Love,

  36. I've never been to Taiwan but it looks beautiful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope that you can win a trip so that you can share all the details with us!

  37. I blogged my way to Taiwan too. Check out at my blog too ya. =)

  38. Never been there, but I hope to travel someday. Taiwan is a fascinating place according to a friend of mine who comes from there.

  39. I'm going to Taiwan soon!! This post is so helpful for me :)


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