Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg Product Review

If you still remember,
I received a box with cute bottles,
Which consist of Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg....
Mummy's going to write her review...
After trying out this product:

My main reason,
Of accepting this product review...
Is I wanna see how magical this product is...
As I read Astaxanthin can help to relieve pain,
And act as potent anti-inflammatory....
You couldn't imagine,
How much I suffer,
Due to my backache problem!~
I'd been taking fish oil daily...
And I'd been wondering,
If this red dietary supplementary,
Can really make fish oil works better,
In anti-inflammation....
And the answer is a YES!
After 2 weeks of consuming this red little pills,
My regular pain somehow magically reduce...

I'm the type of person,
Whom will get sun burn easily...
My skin very fast become dark and dull,
If stay under the hot sun...
And it takes super duper long time...
To become back a bit fairer....

It doesn't really stop me,
From bringing my kids,
For lots of outdoor activities...

For these two weekends,
I'd been bringing my kids,
For outdoor activities,
Watching my kids splish splashing the water,
Walking and running happily....
I was like a bit worry about my skin condition...
I'm gonna get very very dark and probably sun burn...
After two weekends of hanging out under hot hot sun...
My skin tone is still ok, not very dark,
Plus no sun burn at all!~

With lots of exercises,
Chasing over my little ones..
Over the weekends,
Plus swimming and yoga session..
I'm kind of expecting,
Some muscle pain also...
But.... this time,

I'm kind of believing...
Astaxanthin really did the magic in me!~
It does, helps for recovery of muscles,
I'm now having better endurance,
And it somehow improved my energy levels...

Before consuming the Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg...
Skin tone is dull and dark...

After consuming the product,
Even after going Sunway Lagoon twice,
And KL Bird Park once over the weekend..
I didn't get any sun burn...
It really did have an 'invisible' sunscreen protection..
I'll call this product as an amazing internal sunscreen!~
My face somehow looks slightly more pinkish...
And I felt my skin is more hydrated now..

As a mother of three,
I always need to rush for many tasks!~
I don't really have time to make up,
Now I think,
I probably don't really have to make up,
To hide my fine wrinkles.....
As Astaxanthin will do the best,
To protect my skin!~

If you're following us,
You'll probably notice,
I seldom show my own face....
But for now......
With just a little touch up,
Could make me smile confidently,
In front of the camera!~


Now you might be wondering...
What is Astaxanthin?
Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid,
Found in nature primarily in marine organisms,
Such as microalgae, salmon and kril..
It is the pigment that provides salmon,
With their pink-red color.

About Bio-Life Astaxanthin:
This convenient One-A-Day dose...
Derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis,
A nature richest source of Astaxanthin.
Astaxanthin used in Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg capsule,
Is cultured and extracted under a unique and controlled technology..
Suitable for vegetarians..

For more information:
Call 03-7843 6981
Or e-mail
Check out Bio-Life official facebook for more updates!~

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