Wednesday, May 27, 2015

EJS Adult Jewellery Making Workshop

It's my mummy's turn now,
To attend,
In Kinokuniya...

Fully prepared to start,
To make her very first set,
Of Jewellery...
With the bead design board...

Why need to make our own jewellery?
Because we'd love to wear jewellery,
With one and only unique design...

So many accessories and beads..
To choose from..

Beautiful instructor,
Ms Angie...

She started to guide,
And teach mummy..
How to start making a bracelet...

The very same technique,
Is use to make necklace as well...
The difference is just having different length....

Design the jewellery,
According to own preference..
We really can come out with ANY design!~

Put the beads in,
One by one....
I'm using double layer for double protection...
Since I feel my beads is a bit heavy...

Ta da!~
Just need some finishing touch,
For my beautiful bracelet..

Mummy had been wondering,
What's the paper doing...
In the beads design board..

This is exactly how,
The paper is doing the magic!~
Acting as a measuring tool,
For our earrings!~

My mummy's earrings...

The whole set..
Fully designed and made by my mummy,
They're so beautiful, isn't it?

Tempting to make one for yourself?
To check out their upcoming workshops!


  1. this is pretty!!...i should try it soon...

  2. Wow! this is brilliant! Thx for sharing! This is a great idea for WAHM like me hehe

  3. omg I had a set like this when I was young. Very fun!

  4. OMG the one u created is damn nice leh :D
    Can I know the price roughly how much ya?

  5. Great colour choice! Takes lots of patience to make, I'm sure!

  6. This is wonderful! Hope i have this skill as well!

  7. It's pretty! But honestly, I really couldn't fare very well in design and patience haha