Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Elegant Jewellery Studio

While I'm busy,
Designing my very own jewellery,
My mummy's exploring and admiring..
Different kinds of jewellery,
And a little simple understanding on...
The different technique involved,
In making jewellery...

Can you imagine,
This beautiful colourful beads..
Is process with burning?
With air dry technique...

I love this one,
Basically because of its colourful appearance..

Different types of earrings,
Which one you want to make,
At EJS Workshop?

Kids jewellery,
Will involved basic technique...

While the adult's one..
Will be slightly more complicated...

Just look at those uniquely beautiful jewellery...
Making mummy so tempted..
To make herself one...

They even got ribbon-themed jewellery...
Just look at the variety...
I guess that's the benefit,
Of making our very own jewellery....
It'll be the one-and-only!~

I didn't know that,
A watch could be so beautifully made!~

Weaving process,
For advance learners!~

They all looked super amazing,
Isn't it?

My top favourite product,
From Kelvin Gems...
We actually can wear this,
In 14 different ways...
It could be a bracelet,
It could be a necklace,
It could even be a belt...
So elegantly pretty!~

Stay tune,
For my post..
On mummy attending...
Adult jewellery workshop..


  1. The last one's my favorite too, 14 ways! Talk about having too much value in one item, love it!

  2. Those are nice jewelries. I like those colorful bead necklaces.

  3. Very good jewelleries for women. Lovely accessories for all occasions. Likewise, ladies must know how to make these for their personal use.

  4. Gorgeous jewelry! Looking forward your post about the workshop. :)

  5. Great creatively designed accessories. Didn't know until reading this post that watches could be creatively designed like those above. :D

  6. My daughter went through a phase like this, but not now. I guess the fad will come around again, once a new interesting product like this revives interest in young people.

  7. What lovely designs - how creative! My daughter would absolutely love all of them, they are so colourful!

  8. These are really finely crafted jewelries. These can be great outfit accessories.

  9. They are pretty, but do show us photos of you wearing them? Because it looks different on display and when people wears it.

  10. the ribbon theme is cute! got to love jewellery that has multiple functions

  11. These are quite lovely trinkets! My favorite from the photos is the watch! :D

  12. I love the last necklace. Can go with casual and evening wear

  13. They invited me too but I can't make it. Sigh~ Hope to go their workshop so much.

  14. Nice colors and designs, my daughter will go bonkers over them. I personally like the vintage jewelries and tend to go with the ones with the more antique look and feel to it. :)

  15. You have some pretty and colorful pieces of jewelry there. I tried my hand at making some last summer and might try again this year. Kelvin's versatile piece rocks!

  16. You have got a gorgeous collection of necklace, braclets quite antique and handmade stuff. It is worth collecting.

  17. Ooohh.. This looks fun! :D I'm sure kids will enjoy making their own colorful jewelry, while adults will also have a good time making an intricate, one-of-a-kind piece. I know, I'd want to! I really dig the weaved bracelets and watches, as well as the chain ones with charms. <3

  18. I like the weaved ones. They are classic and elegant.