Thursday, July 9, 2015

Enchanteur Love Couple Ambassador

Enchanteur Love,
Which comes in 3 signature scents:
Enchanteur Forever Love Eau de Toilette,
Enchanteur Celebrate Love Eau de Toilette,
And Enchanteur Passionate Love Eau de Toilette,
Brings alive the different expressions of romance,
To sustaining an everlasting love..

Enchanteur Love
The promise of everlasting love....

The brand synonymous in..
Inspiring romance,
Through its collection of
French inspired fine fragrances,
Specially dedicated to women..
Whom are in a committed relationship...

Emcee of the day...
Ms Jojo
Speech by Ms Pan Choi Yen,
GM of Marketing,
Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd

Introduction of the new....
Enchanteur Love Ambassadors...
Actress & TV Host -
Fouziah Gous and her husband..
Md Zhafran Md Yusof...

Group photo...

"Keeping romance alive,
Can help a couple fight all odds,
And sustain a lifelong relationship...
Small gestures are as important as grand romantic displays..
To keep the spark alive,
And ensuring love lasts..
It's not realistic to expect grand romantic displays as often..
Thus little gestures such as:
Making him a cup of tea,
Saving him the last bite of dessert,
And spraying on perfume to catch his attention,
Are some other ways to re-ignite romance in a relationship..."
Said Fouziah gous,
The new ambassador of Enchanteur Love

Chat session between Emcee,
The new couple ambassador of Enchanteur Love,
Ms Ooi Boay Khim,
Product Group Manager of..
Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd..

The products are available,
At all major outlets, supermarkets,
Hypermarkets and pharmacies..
Retails at RM33.50 per bottle of 50ml Eau de Toilette,
Inclusive of GST.

For more information about Enchanteur,
Please log on to
Or check out Enchanteur's Facebook


  1. Review it ya babe! I also plan to get myself a perfume. The price is reasonable as well :P

  2. I used to wear their Talcum powder during my teen age. It smell sooooo nice. The perfume also very sweet smell. Affordable price too.

  3. Aha are you spraying this on daily to keep some romance alive? Hehe don't be too naughty ya

  4. Enchanteur! Always have a love feeling towards this perfume. They have such a sweet and romance fragrance that I really like! <3


  5. The bottles look so cute! And they're very affordable too! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. love this brand, used it before and my mom also likes it. now I know where to buy :D

  7. Wow, haven't heard of Enchanteur in a while, glad they are back in the market with new products.

  8. I like the look of the yellow bottle. Which one smells best? How do they smell like?

  9. I am not very into perfume. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  10. Never tried any of enchanteur products,do these smells good? I'm into something with fruity scent tho :)