Sunday, July 5, 2015

Marysharon - Exhibiting Asian Beauty at its French Best!

As a working mother with 3 kids,
You probably can imagine...
How much 'quality' sleep my mummy would get...
Dark circle around her eyes,
Had always been the main problem for her...
And every year,
With her increase of age....
Lines and wrinkles begins to appear,
Especially on the area near her eyes....
Of course you can say,
Those lines actually represent how wise she became...
But tell me:
Which women,
Don't like to look younger than her actual age?
That's why...
She'd been searching everywhere...
Until she found this magical product:
Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence!~
A perfect product just for the queen of little princess!~

Beauty Season III:
Queen's Love Series...
Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence,
Be the queen of hearts through beauty of eyes.....

Mummy kind of love the design of the packing...
Whereby the little cover is so easy to handle...
And with just a gentle press.....

She can have the small amount she needed...
And spread  it evenly surrounding the eyes area...
She massage gently until it totally absorbs..

It's a product ideal to use,
Every morning and night...

This magical product by Marysharon,
Calm the under eye puffiness..
Lines and wrinkles diminishes the appearance of under eye darkness..
Signs of stress and fatigue,
Are replaced by instant luminosity..

Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence
(Volume 20ml)
Selling at RM149.00 per bottle.

All words is just saying,
And will not be persuasive enough....
Showing you fully zoom photo of mummy's eye,
Without any make up or touch up:
Before using the product...
Dark circle is really obvious...

After using the product...
Without any touch up or make up...
Dark circle obviously lighten..
Very drastic difference!
And the lines are generally lighten, too!~

5000 females (Chinese women in their 30s to 50s) claimed that,
After using Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence,
For 2 weeks of continuous use,
The delicate skin around the eyes.
Were revitalized, hydrated and smoothened
And Yes!
After trying the product,
My mummy confirm that,
She's the 5001,
Whom is truly satisfied with the effect of the result! 

Plus a nice nice make up...
Her eyes looks at least 10 years younger!~

So tempted to try out their 3 remaining key products:
Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask
-Volume 110g selling at RM129.00 Per bottle.
Marysharon Queen Charcoal Cleansing Mask (Star Product of 2015)
-Volume 25ml selling at RM139.00 per box of 10 pcs...
Marysharon Collagen Hydrating Mask (100% silk mask with certification)
-Volume 25ml selling at RM99.00 per box of 10pcs..

All the products are available,
At Watson, Sasa & Shills Beauty Houses.
For more information,
Visit Marysharonmalaysia Facebook,
Or call 03-8062 2743

(Photo credits to MarysharonMalaysia Facebook)
Are you ready to meet Chilam?
During the brand official launching,
In Malaysia on 2 August 2015 at 1pm,
At Berjaya Time Square?
Just purchase any Marysharon's products.
More than RM200,
And you'll be entitled a free entrance ticket,
To Julian Cheung Chi-lam meet fans session...

(Photo credits to MarysharonMalaysia Facebook)
Epitomises the beauty success of 'East Meets West'
Being a joint-venture between France (Spearheading R&D and product formulation)
And China (Markets and conducts A&P via its Asian HQ based in Guang Zhou)
A premium beauty product,
Which is selling 10 bottles per minute worldwide....
Will soon launched in Malaysia!~


  1. Love the eye essence too!


  2. Hi Kelie, Great post. :)
    I want to try the eye mask too.. huhuh.

  3. love the eye makeup look after using your essence, your eyes really shine

  4. Thanks for sharing, I have quite a lot of fine lines on my eye area, hope this can help....

  5. Your dark circles obviously lighten.

  6. Love this product! It's really helped me so much with the reducing of my puffy eyebags~

  7. Thanks for dropping by at my blog <3
    I was hoping to try on this one. I might be getting one soon, since the results is amazing.