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A day in Genting as Kid Blogger

My very first trip,
Invited as Genting Kids Bloggers....
This is the second time,
I joined Behind the Scenes Tour:
It's so fun...
That I decided to join it again!~

I have a closer view,
On how the laundry is exactly done...

Found some extra stuffs...
On how they Ironed and folded the pillow cases...

Guess what this machine is for?
Ironing the collars and sleeves...

 See, Do & Eat Workshop...

My Sushi Bento...
And Mummy's Sushi Bento...

My DIY Doughnut...

Clear explanation,
On the latest sound and lighting system...

Found out how..
The cool lighting and sound effects are created..


 Meet the magicians..
And watched their fantastic show...

Super hungry after the show...
Had a satisfying seafood steamboat meal..

In Resort Seafood Steamboat..

I love being Genting Kid Blogger,
And looking forward for my next trip to Genting!~

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  1. Hi Kylie, I love your sushi bento. so cheerful Gosh the resort seafood steamboat was awesome delicious too!

  2. Dear Kylie, I love your cute cute sushi bento so so much : ) Also your DIY donut looks so yummy to me : )
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  3. Did u eat the ostrict meat during dinner? It was awesome!

  4. Did you managed to eat the ostrich meat? I mistook em for beef but it was yummy.

  5. Hi^^
    I love the sushi bento~~~
    It is so cute ♡

  6. genting kid blogger? they actually gave that title out? Pretty creative. :D

  7. It's always fun to learn and see new things. Never stop learning :)

  8. Wow, so nice as you can experience different things! Having steamboat at Genting definitely a great choice, miss it la. Cant wait to go Genting T.T

  9. Hi pretty princess, love to see you again! Meet again next trip ya

  10. interesting behind the scene run through. makes one appreciates the efforts behind a perfect service.

  11. So good u get to be a Genting Kid Blogger! I don't think I have the courage for it cos u know la Genting... Hear too much ghost story especially now HGF month... I takut lolx... But u guys sure have fun! *Jealous*! But great job covering the event!

    1. Can go on any other months if you're really takut.. hehe~

  12. such wonderful events that I miss out, hehe.. so sad.. 2nd time miss out magic :(

    1. The magic show is really good la..... We loves it so much!

  13. forgot say your bento so cute la :D

  14. Your Sushi bento is so cute! Very interesting collections of photos too! Keep up the good work :*

  15. Genting Kid Blogger! I guess I would like to be bestowed with that. Makes me feel young again. By the way, nice insides to the things that happen in the background :)

  16. I want to go on a trip like yours too! Interesting and fun!!

  17. Awesome... congratulations.... you are heading somewhere kiddo.... good work...

  18. Cute your sushi bento, and like the whole tour arrangement, seems like so much fun :)

  19. Kid Blogger for Genting was really awesome! You can enjoy many new experiences and visit behind the scene was really fun!


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