Thursday, September 3, 2015

Watson Pure Beauty x All Things Girl 姐妹淘 TVB Drama

Special thanks to Watson & Pure Beauty,
We had an up close and personal session..
With Hong Kong Superstars...
During the launch of ~
All Things Girl infortainment program...

It's truly excited to meet...
Priscilla Wong 黄翠如 ,
Elena Kong 江美仪 &
Joyce Tang 腾丽名..

I like chocolate jie jie very much!~

Emcee of the day!~

A group photo,
With the stage winners...

One from the audience,
Become 'model' of Pure Beauty'...

Selfie with their superstars!~
So lucky!~

Caryn Loh,
General Manager of Trading, Watsons Malaysia,
Gave away bouquet of flowers..
To the 3 Hong Kong superstars...

Over the past decade,
Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons,
Has embarked on a search,
For the perfect antioxidant,
And along the way discovered many more of,
Nature's skincare secrets...

Inspired by Korean skincare innovation,
Incorporating the finest natural ingredients,
And made skincare products based on,
Powerful antioxidant blends for visible, long term results..

The skin care range available at Watsons stores,
Are the Pomegranate Antioxidant,
And White & Bright range respectively..

All Things Girl..
Is a joint collaboration between Astro & TVB,
Sponsored by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons..

The program will start airing,
On 6 September 2015, at 9pm,
And will be aired on ...
Astro's Wah Lai Toi...
And Wah Lai Toi HD channels respectively!


  1. pretty awesome... I think this is pretty interesting and wanna watch it...

  2. I wish I am on the stage to take picture with Elana. By the way Pure Beauty is a good product.

  3. I cannot decide which actress I like the most. Definitely gonna catch the programme on Astro!

  4. The event looks so happening and the skin care looks great, Will get 1 for myself

  5. so glad that u were able to join the event with them, happy for u ^^

  6. This looks awesome and yu would have enjoyed the event. Looking forward to catch the programme.

  7. Woo so cool. Wish I can join this event and selfie with Hong Kong superstars :P

  8. hehe.. can't forget this event, the three ladies 2 are my favourite. As another seldom see her acting, maybe I no see her drama series.

  9. Nice one !I've been looking forward for this show for long, seems it has been highly promote everywhere :D

  10. Aiks... you are there? Why I don't notice you that day? Gosh...... they are so pretty rite.

  11. Oh dear! So jealous that you have chance to attend this event and met 3 pretty HK celebrities up close yourself. I like all 3 of them & enjoy watching their HK series online : ) Next time do share early about this kind of event, so that I can attend it too : )

  12. Nice event and TV programe. We have to learn more from pretty girls like them to make ourselves beautiful too. :)

  13. The programme sounds good, plus the event pictures look really great. The Pure Beauty is very promising, very glad that they have the skincare range at Watson :)

  14. yeay thanks to Pure Beauty for bringing us to see the three pretty ladies, love them, they are so funny on stage too.

  15. my wife loves to watch TVB drama series. lol glad to see some here :P

  16. I love TVB drama. They looks so pretty and young >.< Am so jealous with their skin!

  17. I like Elena Kong, to me she's a chic stylish lady who dare to voice out her thoughts and opinions.

  18. I was there too! Gorgeous ladies with gorgeous personalities :)

  19. Awesome. I wish I was there to meet the tvb stars too.

  20. I heard about this too. Thanks for sharing.